Chapter 26

Ianto refused to believe that Walter had been safely at Rhiannon's the whole time and only when Jack drove him there and he had his baby in his arms did Ianto break down into heartrending sobs.

The ambulance had followed them to Rhiannon's, and Ianto now allowed the EMTs to clean and dress the wound to his neck. Jack wanted him to go to the hospital, especially when he learned of the drugged tea, but Ianto just wanted to hold his son and ignore the world.

Finally, Jack had enough and ordered everyone out. He talked Ianto into leaving Rhiannon's and heading home.

Jack kept his arm around his love with Walter on his other hip as they quietly walked from the house to the SUV, and those present stood silently watching the family climbing into the vehicle.

Myfanwy kept up a steady stream of whimpering as she tried to break through the safety grill in the back of the SUV. Walter placed his little hand on the grill to soothe her, and the remainder of the trip was spent with her nose against the grill as she tried to touch her baby.

Jack half carried Ianto inside as Walter ran ahead with Myfanwy in childlike innocence, totally oblivious to his father's distress.

Jack quickly bathed Walter, who was surprised that he was getting an early bath on top of the early tea Aunty Rhia had already provided, but he wasn't going to complain when Daddy Jack promised Milo & Otis in the big bed.

After Jack had settled his minion in the bed with the portable DVD player he'd purchased for a rainy day, he went in search of Ianto, who was curled up on the sofa looking blankly at the far wall.

"Hey, tiger. You ready for your bath now?" Jack said softly as he stroked Ianto's cheek.

Like a sleepwalker, Ianto followed Jack to the bathroom and stood passively as Jack undressed him.

Jack felt like weeping when he saw the damage to Ianto. The bruises were vivid on the pale skin and Jack thought he might be sick for a moment when he recognised the imprints of Kieran's boots.

After a moment's thought, Jack picked him up bridal style and carefully placed him in the hot bubbles.

Ianto groaned with pleasure and pain as the hot water kissed and soothed his battered body. As Jack carefully soaped a sponge and began washing his sleepy lover, he thought back to the shooting with a grim satisfaction. His only regret was that he couldn't shoot the bastard again.

They had found the missing photo album as well as several items which clearly belonged to Ianto, including a silk tie Jack had just bought him. This proved he had been in Jack's home more than once, as the CCTV did not show this thievery.

Kieran had worn Ianto's ring on a chain around his neck. Sick fucker!

When Tosh had recognised the face and called Jack, she had opened a can of worms as Jack became a man he had left behind in his youth. John Hart would dine out on it for months as he told all and sundry that his old Jack was back, just to see people blanch.

Collecting Myfanwy before going in had been an afterthought Jack was eternally grateful for as she had proven her stripes once again.

Jack dried his sweetheart and then dressed him in the softened old PJs he owned before carrying him to the bedroom and placing him in the bed with Walter, who was already asleep and drooling into Jack's pillow.

In typical Ianto style, Ianto was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, as the adrenalin had worn off.

Walter was safe. Ianto was safe too, but Jack couldn't settle.

That fucker touched our things, invaded our life, and threatened our family.

Jack realised with a start that this wasn't their home. This was his home. That's why Ianto left. That's why he felt strange. Walter's things in Melissa's room and Ianto in Sofia's bed.

With the matter resolved in his head, he entered the bedroom to discuss selling up and moving to a home they both owned and personalised, but was met with a gorgeous sight.

Ianto was asleep.

Curled around his son with Walter's dark hair, now clipped short due to the fire, under his chin, which showed the similarities in the two as they both sucked their respective thumbs in repose. Poor babies.

Jack clicked a snapshot and sent it to Tosh for her album, and then sent it to himself for his own.

Jack sighed. He knew he had a lot of making up to do and a lot of humble pie to eat, so he slid into bed and thanked Gods he didn't believe in anymore for believing in him.

He was not going to fuck up this second chance.

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