Chapter 27

Ianto was oblivious to proceedings for the next two days. Jack alternated between holding him gently in bed and playing with Walter, who was enjoying the time with the two men.

The hugs and cuddles Walter could get in the big bed with a sleepy Taddy any time he wanted to climb in and the roughhousing and tickling Daddy available anytime he attacked him with little snarls had Walter on cloud nine.

Jack had Owen come around to check Ianto and was touched that Owen spent the whole afternoon sitting by Ianto's side of the bed talking softly to him, comforting and reassuring him. The pain medication he left was welcome as well.

It was no surprise to Jack that Ianto turned it all around in his head to somehow be his own fault this had all happened, and as he wept into Jack's chest each night Jack desperately hoped for some blue skies ahead.

When Jack was called into work for a "sit down", he knew what was going to happen next, and Gwen refused to leave his side. Making sure Rhiannon was with Ianto, he went into the police department and waited in the uncomfortable plastic chairs suspects sit in. After half an hour, during which Hart joined the wait, the Supervisor called Jack in. Gwen gave him a nervous hug and Hart nodded his support.

The interview room was stark white with a table and four chairs. Sitting on one side of the table was the Supervisor and Jack's superior officer, Captain John Smith. The Union Rep sat on the other side and patted the chair for Jack to sit.

As Jack sat impassively, the Supervisor ruffled some papers and then looked directly at Jack.

"Well, I am informing you that this interview is being recorded both phonetically and visually for internal purposes only. If this goes any further, anything said here today cannot be used in a court of law. Do you understand, Officer?"

"Detective." John Smith growled and the Supervisor shifted in his chair.

"Yes. My apologies. Detective."

"Call me Jack, please. This may take some time," Jack said, rubbing his face.

"Very well. Jack. I am Ted Bannum of the Professional Standards Committee. I am here to review your case and decide based on the evidence here if there is any cause for a charge to be laid. If we go forward, I assure you this meeting can only be used internally and will never be released publicly or used at trial."

Jack nodded and leaned back, ready to go.

"Full name and rank please."

"Jackson Miller Harkness, Detective. Torchwood division."

"The separate interviews taken at the scene all seem to tally. I would, however like you to tell me once again in your own words what transpired."

"I received a telephone call from Toshiko Sato at approximately 1600 on the day of the incident. Do you need me to say the date?" Jack said politely.

"No. The date and time of the incident were recorded at the beginning of the tape in accordance with regulations, along with today's date. Please continue."

"Ms Sato informed me that the CCTV photograph she had obtained from Mr Jones that portrayed an intruder in our home. Do you need the address?" Jack again paused.

"No. Please, just tell it in the way that suits you best. I can ask for blanks to be filled in at the end if needed, Detective."

"Thank you sir. Ms Sato informed me that she had managed to clean up the image, to make it more visible. The image resembled Mr Jones's colleague Kieran Lancer." Jack took a breath and looked to Captain Smith, who nodded his reassurance. "I tried to call Mr Jones but got no reply. As I am familiar with Mr Jones's daily work routine I found it improbable that he would let the telephone ring out. I became worried and as I had to collect my dog for a vet check-up, due to recent poisoning, I decided to call in and check if he was alright and possibly question Mr Lacer about the image in the footage.

"As I entered the library by the staff entrance where Ian... Mr Jones works, I became aware of the silence. Mr Jones likes to play soft music for the readers and the silence meant the CD had run out and not been restarted. Mr Jones does not typically let that happen. As Myfanwy, the dog, is also Mr Jones's, I released her to find him. Myfanwy is a retired officer - do you need her badge number, sir?" Jack smiled as he noticed the supervisor had stopped taking notes.

The man waved his hand dismissively then motioned for him to continue.

"Myfanwy sounded an alert. As a drug dog as well as a control dog, she has different alerts. The bark she sounded was that of a drug find. An overturned tea cup was in Mr Jones's office. I ordered her to seek." Jack took another breath and chose his next words carefully. "Myfanwy became agitated and gave an alert I had not previously heard from one of our dogs. It was a deep boom and I have since been told by the handlers that it was a warning that she was about to attack. Unfamiliar with the warning, I again told her to go. As "Go" is a command and I was unaware, not being a handler, I inadvertently sent the dog into attack mode. She scented Mr Jones in a lower level and began to throw herself against a wall. I responded to her distress by calling out Mr Jones's name. I heard him cry out on the other side of the wall and I am acquainted with Mr Jones, so I understood that it was an unusual noise for him to make. As the dog was trying to force herself through that particular piece of wall, I ordered her back and kicked it. The wall proved to be plasterboard and hollow so I forced my way through into the next room."

Jack took a drink of water as he tried to maintain his composure. The last thing he wanted to do now was lose his cool.

"Mr Jones was kneeling on the floor. He was bound and bloody. There was evidence of wounds and the suspect was holding a knife to his throat, cutting into the flesh. Upon seeing me, the suspect stepped towards me with the knife raised, and I feared for both Mr Jones's life and my own. I opened fire and the suspect did not drop the knife. I fired a second time and the suspect fell back against a shelving unit. I fired a third time and the suspect pushed back up from the shelving unit and I believe he lifted the hand holding the knife. I emptied my clip." Jack was looking at the far wall as he said the last part. Cool and impassive.

"How many shots in total, Detective?"

"I counted six, sir. The entirety of my clip."

"Does your gun not hold more?" the supervisor was surprised.

"It can, but I never load my gun past six shots. My teacher used to train me that way and it stuck." Jack looked at Captain Smith, who smiled warmly.

"So the suspect did not relinquish the knife with the first few shots?"

"No. As he lay dying the knife was still in his hand. As I recall, my partner Gwen Cooper kicked it from his hand as I tended to Mr Jones."

"Hm. That's her account as well," the supervisor said quietly to himself, and Jack looked at Captain Smith hopefully. He winked back and nodded.

"I've still to talk to Mr Jones but it seems that everything here is in order." The supervisor stood and began to feed the papers into his briefcase.

"Sir? Is this going to be a judicial enquiry?"

"No. As far as I can see this was a case of due diligence. Justifiable homicide. I will give my official findings within the week. Once Mr Jones corroborates your story I will decide whether or not to proceed with an intention to indict. You may go now."

Jack sighed with relief and nodded politely before leaving the room.

He made it to the gents in under two minutes before he emptied his breakfast from his rolling gut.

God, Ianto next.

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