Chapter 28

Jack knew the Supervisor was due any minute. He also knew Ianto was not ready. It had been a restless night, with Walter wanting to sleep with them and Ianto's nightmares. Now, as the clock ticked towards two o'clock, Jack wished for time to stop. Just for a wee while. The doorbell sounded like a Bell of Doom tolling and Jack told himself to stop being so bloody maudlin as he opened it to the Supervisor, Smith, and Gwen, who stood behind the two men defiantly.

"Sir, would you like a drink before you begin?" Jack stalled but the man shook his head.

Walter was at Rhiannon's for the rest of the day and Jack was glad Gwen was there as the house seemed so big and empty. Ianto was sitting up in bed reading and as the men entered he carefully marked his place with a bookmark Walter had made him at day-care and placed it to one side. The glass of milk was half drunk and the pill container empty. Jack silently noted this. Good. He's pain free at least.

Ianto hated pills and only agreed to them at night so the fact that he had taken them now told Jack that he was in pain. As the men sat, Jack made to leave and Ianto made a noise in his throat.

"Does he have to go?" he asked softly, looking at the supervisor.

"Well. We do allow a support person but as he is…" Bannum began to say but as Ianto's face dropped, he sighed, then shrugged. "Don't suppose it'll hurt."

Ianto's smile of gratitude lit the room and Jack noticed the back of the supervisor's neck turning red. Really? That Jones charm, huh? Jack settled on the bed and took one of Ianto's hands.

"OK, I've primed the tape so we just need to begin. Your full name please."

"Ianto Icarus Jones."

"Really? Icarus?" Jack asked with shock.

"Mam was mad on mythology. Believed in the fae and all!" Ianto nodded.

The supervisor cleared his throat and Ianto looked though his lashes as he murmured an apology, and again Jack saw a faint blush.

"Can you tell me in your own words what happened, Mr Jones?"

"I was in my office when Kieran bought in a parcel. An envelope and it had … no, wait. Sorry. There was the cup of tea first." Ianto made a noise in his throat and frowned.

"Hey. It's OK, Yan. There is plenty of time to get it right. No-one is judging you here. Just use your recall and tell him what you saw."

"Kieran found me in my office, my cup of tea was cold. "Hey. You okay there boss?" he asked me. I told him, "Yeah. Just tired, Kieran." He said, "Can I help?" I replied, "No, I don't know if anyone can." He placed an envelope in front of me with another cup of tea and said, "Look, this was delivered for you a wee while ago but I didn't want to bother you." The tea was very sweet. I didn't recognise the writing and saw no sign of a sender's address. It had been hand delivered because there was no post mark. I took another sip of tea and felt the envelope and could feel a large lump in one corner. I opened it and Walter's "Sucky" was in it. I stood up. "You're hyperventilating. Calm down." Kieran said, but I felt weird - then it all went black. I woke up in the basement and threw up. "It's alright Ianto, just breathe," Kieran said. "Kieran? Oh god, what's happening?" I asked. "Ianto, you need to stay calm. It's the only way we can save Walter," he said. "Oh god, you don't think they'll hurt him, do you?" I asked." Ianto spoke in a droning, emotionless voice.

"Mr Jones, are you reading this somehow?" the supervisor interrupted.

"No. Eidetic memory. I have total recall." Ianto smiled softly.

"Ah. I was unaware. Can you just give me a brief synopsis of the time of the shooting?" The poor man looked gobsmacked.

"I had managed to get away but he caught me again because I still felt unwell. After he beat me he placed a knife to my throat and began cutting my throat. Then I heard my dog. My girl." Ianto reached for Jack. "Then Jack heard me call out and he came. He came through the wall as Kieran was … he was going to … Oh God, I'm sorry." Ianto was shaking, and Jack pulled him close.

"It's okay Ianto, just tell the truth and then it's over," Jack soothed.

"The knife was burning as it …" Ianto touched his neck where the dressing covered the mark.

"He looked up when Jack came in and then he stepped away from me and towards Jack. I fell. There was gunfire and Kieran growling like an animal as he lay on the floor. Then Jack had me and I was safe." Ianto smiled at Jack and squeezed his hand.

"Mr Jones, did Kieran still have the knife once he had fallen?"

"The last time I saw him he still had the knife, then Gwen came over and he didn't next time I looked. It was over by the other shelves like it had been thrown or kicked." Ianto shrugged. "I'm sorry sir, I don't know."

"Well, I have all I need. Thank you for your time, I hope you feel better soon." Bannum stood to leave, and Ianto looked at Jack in silent rebuke.

"Ianto would like me to give you the CCTV footage of our home invasion and dog poisoning," Jack said quietly to explain the glare. "We've not released these."

"Ah, I wondered if that would come up. Ms Sato kindly forwarded those already, as well as the footage from the library office." Mr Bannum smiled and Jack gaped at him.


"Yes, lovely lady."

"Huh," Jack snorted. That Tosh does get around. Minx.

Jack returned to the bedroom after letting them out, where Ianto waited with his hands folded primly in his lap.

"Thank you Ianto, I don't know how I'll ever make it up to you." Jack kissed his cheek as Ianto turned his face away.

"You knew? That he would ask me that?" Ianto demanded with a glare.

"No. I hoped he would be happy with your explanation and leave it," Jack admitted.

"I didn't see the knife Jack, not after he fell. You know I didn't!" Ianto hissed. "I just bloody lied for you."

Jack tried to hold him, but Ianto pulled away. He had much to chew on.

When the official letter came two days later, Jack was unable to open it. He handed it to Captain Smith and shook his head silently. Hart couldn't stand it anymore and he snatched the letter up and opened it. Jack watched as his face became still then, as a smile lit it up, Jack gave a sigh of relief.

"Justifiable homicide!" John Hart preened, waving the letter about.

Gwen gave a whoop and Jack found himself sitting on the nearest desk. He just wanted Ianto. The two days spent post-interview had been chaste. Walter slept between them and Ianto had started getting out of bed and sitting in a chair by the window. Jack knew he was stewing and hoped he'd forgive him soon. He just didn't know what to do. He hoped this verdict would help.

Jack entered the house like Walter did when he was released at the park, yelling and running. He burst into the bedroom with the letter in his hand, and froze. Standing at the foot of the bed was Marcus Hallett.

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