Chapter 29

Walter was asleep on the bed, next to Ianto, who was sitting ramrod straight in the bed glaring at Marcus. Marcus held the birthday gift Ianto had rejected and was staring at Ianto like he had grown an extra head.

"What do you mean, someone tried to kill you?" he said quietly.

"A co-worker with a fixation decided to kidnap me and tried to cut my throat," Ianto was clearly repeating himself, based on the eye roll.

"What are you doing here?" Jack snarled as he approached the bed.

"Marcus says he found the door open," Ianto said in the pleasant butler voice that warned Jack that he was about to get out of bed and do something stupid.

"Marcus. Ianto is clearly not in the mood for visitors, and maybe if you leave now he'll discuss things at a later date," Jack tried.

"I know how this goes. You shut that door and … Hello there, pumpkin," Marcus smiled as Walter woke and looked at him.

Walter made a small noise and burrowed into Ianto's side. Ianto then made a noise of pain as Walter hit his ribs and Jack lost his temper.

"Look, this is my house and you are in it. To me, that's a problem!" Jack said, but Walter had heard his voice and was crawling across a groaning Ianto to get to him.

"Hey buggy bum." Jack picked him up and Ianto sighed as the weight on his stomach eased. Marcus was entranced, and smiled as Walter turned and stared at him.

"Oh my god, he has her eyes," he gasped.

"He's Ianto's; all I see is Ianto," Jack returned fire.

"With that skin? Really?" Marcus scoffed.

"And there it is!" Ianto had removed his sorry carcass from the bed while the dick-measuring contest was happening and approached the two men. "The Hallett Equality Society Official Line. He's no good being raised by a white man!"

"Mother was wrong to say that. But two gay men? Is that better?" Marcus turned and made a noise of surprise. Jack turned to apologise to Ianto, and froze as he saw the stun gun in Ianto's hand.

"Look, I don't care who I try this on. I've not had any pain meds all day so either one will do. As Jack has my baby, it'll probably be you, Marcus." Ianto spoke like he was discussing the weather and Marcus laughed.

"Touché, Jonesy. Touché." With that, he left.

Jack turned to face Ianto with confusion on his face, and Ianto just shrugged.

"The Halletts are a weird lot. I stopped trying to understand them when they ruined my wedding." Ianto shook his head and climbed gingerly back into bed. Jack noticed the stun gun placed carefully back on the bedside table, and sighed.

"Ruined the wedding? How?" Jack asked as he sat on the bed with Walter giving him butterfly kisses.

"Standing at the altar waiting for her to come down the aisle while her mother loudly proclaimed her disappointment in her daughter's stubbornness. Said she was only marrying me to get up her parents' noses as they felt I was too …" Ianto frowned as he tried to remember. "Immature. That's what she said. 'He's too immature and they'll never last. God what is they want half-breed children?'"

Jack growled as he looked down at Walter, who was now running his hands up and down his collar.

"This is when my stunning bride chose started the walk down the aisle, heard the last part, and informed her that she already was pregnant!"


"We lost her. A little girl. When the doctor said it was not uncommon to lose the first baby, I wanted to rail at the world - it was bloody uncommon to me!" Ianto sighed as he stroked Walter's hair.

"Wish we hadn't needed to cut his hair. Bloody fire!" Ianto changed the subject and Jack let him.

"I like it. So soft and fuzzy." Jack kissed the little man's forehead and Walter hummed appreciatively as he cuddled into Jack.

"Such a cuddle bug these days," Ianto yawned.

"I guess he's picking up our problems. Speaking of which…" Jack removed the letter from his jacket pocket where he'd shoved it during the face off with Marcus. He handed it to Ianto and watched him silently digest the news. With a nod, he handed the letter back to Jack, and Jack sighed.

Still not forgiven then.

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