Chapter 3

When Ianto opened his eyes he noted that the blinds were drawn. He looked down and the shock in discovering that he was only partially dressed made him jump up in bed. His hip complained bitterly at the action.

The last two days of pain came back to him and he sighed.

Voices, Walter's little laugh made Ianto smile as he looked about for a robe.

Pulling on his battered old "granddad" robe as Rhia liked to call it, he tied the belt and shuffled to the loo.

Finally he limped down the hallway to the kitchen where he could see his little boy sitting at the table eating something. As his Tadda got closer, Walter looked up and smiled.

Although his mocha skin came from Lisa, along with the dark cascade of dark curls, it was obvious that this little cherub was Ianto's spawn.

"Hey stinkpot!" Ianto leaned over carefully for a kiss and was rewarded with a banana-smelling smooch.

"Good morning sleepyhead." An American twang made Ianto freeze halfway from straightening up and he stared at Jack, who sat there for all the world like he belonged.

"Hello Jack," Ianto tried for a polite smile.

"He stopped by to see ya!" Rhia explained, and Ianto frowned at her for being so obvious as she checked out Jack's rear yet again!

"Nice robe." Jack pointed with his toast as the raspberry jam flew off the end to land with a wet splat on the tablecloth.

"Thank you. My baby bought it for me." Ianto eased into a nearby chair and made grabby motions at the cup his sister was waving in front of him. Bliss!

"Oh, well she has good taste. Matches your eyes." Jack offered his mug for a refill and Ianto took a moment to wonder what he meant.

"Oh. No - Walter. My baby boy," Ianto finally got the confusion sorted.

"Oh. When you said …" Jack shrugged, then winked at Walter, who sat watching them both.

"No. Just Walter. No … er no she. No her. Nobody with dibs." Ianto blushed as his sister gaped.

"So if you were in need of a trip to the cinema this Friday night I might be able to provide transport, tickets and even some food without stepping on anyone's toes?" Jack said like he was discussing a business proposal.

"Are… are you asking me out on a date?" Ianto choked into his coffee cup.

"Yes, I'm calling dibs. Are you accepting?" Jack gave up the pretence and looked Ianto fully in the eye.

"Bloody hell!" Rhia exclaimed with mirth.

"So let me get this straight." Ianto leaned back and ignored his hip. "You are picking me up whilst I'm nearly at death's door and expect me to get a chill in a draughty old building like the local Cinema?"

It was Jack's turn to gape until he saw a gleam in Ianto's eye.

"Well there will be a doctor on hand should you need medical assistance, because Owen is bringing his latest bit of fluff and I can assure you-" Jack leaned closer- "I know mouth to mouth."

"Oh my God," Rhia exclaimed again from the bench.

Ianto let a small chuckle escape and found himself drawn to this lovely man who smelt like cinnamon donuts by the seaside. Ianto leant forward to make a quip about being a bit of fluff.

"Do you always smell that good?" came out of Ianto's mouth before he had time to censor himself.

Jack slapped his thigh and reared back as he laughed, big booming gales of laughter that had Walter joining in.

"Do you always look this edible in the mornings?" Jack finally managed to hiccup.

"Don't know. You might need to find out for yourself." Ianto slapped his hand over his mouth with horror at that one. Where the hell did that come from?

"Oh baby, I bet you always look so fine," Jack simpered as he reached for Ianto's hand.

"You are a naughty man!" Ianto growled, pretending to be alarmed, but Walter's snort had them both laughing again.

"Jack not bad man. He funny!" the little boy informed the room before sliding off his chair to toddle off.

"You think so, Wally?" Ianto called after him.

Leaning over slightly, Ianto could see Walter as his little nappy arse wobbled back through the house towards the TV room, the cheeky monkey.

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