Chapter 31

By the time Ianto reached Rhiannon's house, a few things had become clear.

He had been stupid to hand Walter over, it was too cold to be outside naked from the waist up, and most importantly, he was a first class Twpsyn.

Once he was warmly snuggled into Rhiannon's arms while wearing one of Johnny's yeti-sized shirts, he told her what had happened.

He knew he was a Twpsyn but did she really have to slap him around the head as hard as Mam used to?

Mica and David got home from school to find a moody uncle curled up on the sofa watching MythBusters while their mam screamed abuse at him from the middle of the room in "busted" mode. Cool.

They quietly got snacks and settled down to watch.

"You weren't there. He was horrible," Ianto said quietly as Rhiannon stopped for a breath.

"No! You stupid little nob-head. He is the best thing to ever happen to you and if you think I'm going to let you act like a complete Twpsyn because you think you are so damn …" she was on a roll.

"Do you think we can come up with another word? I'm getting sick of that one. It's his," Ianto muttered.

"His. You mean he calls you that too?" she huffed.

"No. It's what I call him."

The whack of their mother's hand around their uncle's head made both children jump then snort behind their hands as they stared at each other with wide eyes. Mam hit uncle, just like she hit Da.

"Jesus Chr-" Ianto started to swear, but Rhiannon raised her hand in warning.

"You get yourself over to that house and you had bloody well better fix this, you little shite!" she roared.

"I think I preferred Twpsyn." He winked at the kids as he dodged her hand.

Both kids screamed with mirth.

Ianto released Myfanwy in the garage and stepped through the door with the long-winded speech he'd been rehearsing in his head. He walked down the hallway to the main room and found it empty.

Next he checked Walter's room. Not only was it empty, but drawers were hanging open and clothes were gone.

Ianto rushed to the bedroom and found the bed empty, unmade from his exit. As he rushed through the house, he began to panic. Where was his boy?

A key in the front door stopped him from breaking down and instead he found himself slipping into the shadows of the bedroom.

"There you go, bug, safe and sound." Jack's voice drifted through the doorway. "Now, let Daddy Jack put the laundry away and then we'll eat."

Not gone. The clothes were dirty? Of course they were. Been at least a week since laundry had been done.

"No, not your head! Pizza goes on the plate." Jack's laugh was deep, and Ianto sighed.

Shuffling down the hallway to the kitchen, he watched his son feeding Jack bits of pizza as Jack growled and bit the pieces form his fingers. A parody of Myfanwy.

"Jack?" Ianto said softly.

Jack straightened up and then rushed over, drawing Ianto into a hug.

"Don't ever do that again!" Jack whispered.

"Sorry. I'm flushing them tonight." Ianto rubbed Jack's back.

Myfanwy took advantage of the situation to get her own bites of pizza.

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