Chapter 34

Ianto was asleep by the bed in a chair provided by a lovely caring nurse when the monitors started going crazy.

Ianto gasped awake as a nurse flew into the room and began checking Jack. As he watched with horror, she slammed her hand onto the emergency button on the wall above the bed and began lowering the bed.

Ianto slid back against the wall as the crash team entered and began checking the stats, then a backboard was slid under Jack as they wrenched his shirt open.

Ianto watched them shock him and his body convulsed, then flopped.

Again, they shocked him as the machines continued to complain loudly.

"Pulse!" came the cry, and Ianto burst into tears.

"Christ, where did he come from?" someone demanded, and he found himself pushed out into the corridor, where he continued to cry as he slid down the wall.

"Ianto?" He knew that voice, and the arms that cocooned him from the world smelt nice too.

"Gwen?" Ianto pulled back, and she smiled softly.

"What's wrong?"

"Jack, he stopped … they were shocking him and his heart was not beating and …" Ianto broke down again.

Gwen took him to a waiting room and comforted him. Soon the room began to fill, and Ianto fought to compose himself.

John Hart breezed into the middle of the mêlée and when he heard what was happening, he ran from the room, only to be led back by a very forceful nurse.

He sat beside Ianto and hugged him, much to Ianto's surprise. Ianto felt himself relax as John rubbed his back and rocked them both.

A doctor entered and Ianto rose, but the doctor looked at the Captain and Ianto realised that Captain Smith was listed as Jack's next of kin. He had no rights.

When they said only two people could go in, the Captain took Ianto by the hand and led him into the room.

Jack was awake and looked confused at all the activity.

"Yan? You OK?" he slurred.

Ianto fought to keep his tears at bay as he leaned in and kissed him. The nose cannula tickled against his cheek as he rubbed his nose against Jack's stubbled throat and Jack hummed with pleasure.

"Mr Harkness, I'm Doctor Yana. You have just suffered a mild heart attack. We are going to run a few tests but I'm afraid it looks like your heart may have been damaged by the stress of the attack. Your liver looks unsettled and we're concerned about an underlying bleed we've not contained. We will monitor you for the next few hours and decide if surgery is needed to remedy the situation."

"Bloody hell!" Captain Smith exploded as he felt around in his leather jacket for his phone.

"Oh God, Jack," Ianto sobbed.

"Ianto, it's OK." Jack smiled weakly as his eyes fluttered shut. "My heart is safe and sound in your pocket."

The next few hours were tense, not made any better by John Hart, who told Jack about Ianto being forced out as he was not next of kin.

Ianto tried to say that it didn't matter while hiding the fact that it did. It did, really.

Jack looked thoughtfully at Ianto as he stroked his face and came to a decision.

"I know how to fix it," Jack declared.

"What?" Ianto cocked his head.

"Marry me!"

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