Chapter 35

Ianto laughed at the proposal, but Jack stood firm. Or lay there, as the case may be.

"They can't deny you access, you have a right to know what is happening and if I'm not in a place to give consent I know you will make the right choice," Jack explained.

He really wanted to ensure they were financially sound if it went wrong. Jack had spoken in private with the doctors and had asked them to simplify it and lessen the shock value before repeating it in front of Ianto. He knew the risk that he might not make it, and all he could see was Walter's little face in Ianto's arms as they slept. No way was that little boy going to lose another home!

Oh god, Walter. I'm sorry. I don't want to leave now that I've found you both.

Finally, Ianto stopped fluffing about and thought about the proposal.

"It's all I want from you," Jack said sleepily. "Everything."

"Jack, that's all I'm willing to give you," Ianto murmured, kissing him softly.

The chaplain was hastily pulled in to perform a ceremony, with Jack promising Ianto a big wedding for the family afterwards. Ianto heard the unspoken if.

As the chaplain gave the standard questions and they replied the standard responses, Ianto felt something inside release. His fear faded away as he looked at his lover, his friend. His husband. Wow.

"Do you take this man Jack -"

"Yes, yes," Ianto interrupted.

The chaplain stared at the young man who was oozing nervousness.

"Well? Don't keep him waiting!" Ianto demanded with a cock of his head.

"Do you -"

"Yes, for Christ's sake! Marry us so I get my bloody kiss," Jack moaned, and Ianto laughed.

"I don't have a ring for you," Jack gasped as Ianto released him from another kiss.

"I don't think they allow cock rings in hospital, sir," Ianto whispered, and Jack laughed gently.

No sooner were they pronounced Mr & Mr Harkness-Jones than the doctors swarmed into the room.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but we have your results back. Your liver is failing - we need to take you to surgery now."

Ianto felt everything spinning out of control as he clung to Captain Smith for support.

They wandered to the chapel, where Ianto sat praying for Jack's survival. He made several promises he knew he could never keep and asked forgiveness for any and all sins he could think of.

Three hours later, Ianto looked up as someone entered, but it was only Gwen and John Hart.

Ianto frowned at the black eye Gwen was sporting, and John seemed to be limping.

"What happened to you two? No! Never mind. I don't want to know." Smith shook his head.

"Slipped chasing a perp and took Cooper down with me." Hart groaned as he lowered himself into a pew.

Ianto regarded them both with disbelief. He was lying; Gwen's face was a dead giveaway. What had they been up to? They looked like they gone a round with Myfanwy.

It was another hour before the doctor entered and woke a lightly dozing Ianto, who had swapped Smith's shoulder for Hart's at some stage and he wasn't complaining.

Told that Jack was doing well, Ianto finally collapsed as both Johns held him tightly, and he laughed through his tears.

"A John sandwich and he missed it," Ianto sobbed. "He'll be so disappointed."

They all laughed as John Hart winced from his bruised ribs and glared at Gwen to keep quiet.

Ianto caught the look that passed between them and frowned.

What had they been up to?

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