Chapter 36

Ianto was finally allowed to bring Walter in for a visit, and Jack was like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

He fluffed his sheet again and worried that the machines would scare Walter. Then checked his leads were not in the way.

Ianto finally entered with a wide-eyed little boy who screamed with delight when he saw Jack.

Ianto told him again that he was not to touch Daddy Jack's tubes and wires before carefully placing him on the bed.

Walter crawled into Jack's arms and began chattering away so fast no one could understand a single word. Jack laughed and kissed the little hand that was stroking his beard.

"I know, buggy bum. I'm kind of shaggy, aren't I?" Jack grinned and Walter laughed.

"Mr Jack Prickly Bear!" Walter declared, rubbing his face into the whiskers on Jack's neck.

Jack sighed with pleasure and rubbed his little hero's back.

"I like my teddy bear Jack but want my Daddy Jack! I love him!" Walter demanded of his father, and Jack realised with dismay that Walter didn't think it was really him.

Ianto recognised the warning signs and scooped up the little man before a tantrum began. After he stared at Jack for a heartbeat or two, he smiled.

"Watch, bug, Taddy can do magic!" Ianto whispered, and Walter looked at him with tear-filled eyes.

Placing Walter in the chair, Ianto collected Jack's toilet bag and removed the shaving kit. Jack relaxed as he realised what Ianto was going to do.

A bowl of water materialised along with some towels, and Ianto thanked the nurse who had watched the whole thing and found the family cute.

Rose Tyler, said her nametag, and Ianto made a mental note to write a letter to her superiors telling them of her good nature.

Ianto began to shave Jack, and Walter let out a gasp as his Daddy Jack emerged from underneath the whiskers.

"See, Buggy Bum? There he is! The stinker was hiding!" Ianto laughed as his son clapped his hands, then eagerly reached for Jack again.

Walter cuddled into Jack and rubbed his nose against Jack's now smooth cheek as Jack smiled gratefully up at his husband.

His husband. Wow!

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