Chapter 37

Jack was dozing lightly as Ianto slipped into the room. Now that Jack was on the road to recovery, the hospital had relaxed their rules and allowed him open access to his husband. Indeed, over the past week the hospital staff had become quite fond of the captivating flirt in their care and the shy, polite young man who was clearly besotted with him. Walter had been the icing on the cake, not a cuter kid out there.

Ianto stood just inside the door, swallowing down his nervousness. Jack's condition had been downgraded to the point where he was no longer considered at risk and had even been allowed to take the few steps necessary to reach the ensuite of his room. Ianto knew the routines like he knew the back of his hand and the staff trusted him to help Jack with his toiletries and shaving routine.

Ianto flipped the sign that asked for privacy. This was to ensure no embarrassment due to an exam or something taking place and someone barging in. He had used it for the bedpans and also shaving time as he liked that time spent staring so intently at Jack. Who wouldn't? He thought.

Finally, he took a deep breath and told himself to go for it. Jack's coat that had been cocooning him against the early winter's bite was slipped from his shoulders and carefully folded in the chair. Next, his trousers were slid off and his shoes changed to the ones he had in his bag.

Ready to make Jack happy, Ianto confidently strode forward and began to prepare Mr Harkness-Jones's bed bath.

Jack woke to gentle hands folding back his hospital gown and he hummed as he recognised the early signs of a bed bath. He was getting to like those and the afterglow of "Clean" that he never thought he would crave so mach. Lying there immobile and alone, they had become a rare moment of physical interaction in an otherwise frustratingly lonely day.

When the warm sponge dipped to his stomach and swirled around his belly button, he sighed and relaxed some more. This one was different, more confident. Less officious in her ministrations. Nice.

He blinked his eye open to look at the nurse's back as she leant further to slide her hand deftly down to cup his balls. Huh?

Jack was awake. Whoa, he was so awake his eyes might tumble right out of his head. This nurse had a masculine body and her uniform hugged a very lovely, pert arse that… Ianto?

"Yan?" Jack muttered in a gravelly, sleep-produced voice.

"Oh, good morning Captain Harkness-Jones. Just giving you your bath, you dirty, dirty little boy!" Ianto spoke in a falsetto voice and as he turned to look at Jack his fake eyelashes fluttered against his cheek. Jack could only gape. The blush was natural and the only make-up visible was red lipstick that turned Ianto's usually polite mouth into the most fuckable thing Jack had ever seen.

"Not talking today, Captain? Shame, such a lovely voice. I was hoping for some conversation but if you'd rather not…" Ianto drew the last bit out as he leant down and Jack realised with delight that those luscious lips were going all the way.

As Ianto sucked in the tip of his member, Jack grabbed the mattress with both hands. He took a shuddering breath as Ianto innocently looked up at him with his nob firmly between his teeth and smiled. Bastard. Oh fuck, fuckery dos!

Ianto engulfed him right to the base and Jack could feel Ianto's tongue swirling around him as Ianto slowly - fuck you, bastard, too slow - rose back to the tip. Each and every taste bud rasped against his sensitive skin and Jack was lost in throes of ecstasy as Ianto gently sucked him in again.

Jack's soft pleas became curses fairly quickly as Ianto continued his gruellingly slow blow job, and as Jack felt the build-up begin for the coup de grace, Ianto pulled off with a noisy plop and stared calmly at Jack, who was writhing and using every swear word he had ever learnt.

When Ianto straightened up and Jack got his first real look at his husband, he had to pant to stave off the orgasm threatening to arrive. Ianto's uniform seemed authentic and very bloody tight. Ianto's erection peeked out beneath the very short hem and the suspenders and stockings led his eyes down to the three inch black stilettoes holding Ianto up. Fuck. Shit. Oh thank you god.

Ianto stepped up to the bed and then, to Jack's immense joy, he climbed on. Ianto had obviously prepared himself already as he was slick and loose. With a quick swipe of lube from the packet he produced from his garter he straddled Jack, Ianto reached confidently for the now pulsating member Jack was trying to ignore and in one fell swoop he impaled himself. Now they both found imaginative curses as Ianto ground his lover into his sickbed as he pleaded for mercy and more speed.

The bed began to move on its casters with the veracity of Ianto's thrusting and as Ianto groaned, Jack looked up at his lover with wonder.

Beads of sweat were running down the most kissable neck and his arms were taut as he clutched at the headboard. The muscles in his arms stood out and Jack saw the hidden strength in those arms that lifted him every day. The place at the base of Ianto's throat, that little hollow where Jack had rubbed his nose every morning in their own bed, was undulating as Ianto swallowed and gasped. He was close.

Jack focused on the task at hand and relaxed into the bed as he enjoyed the sensation of a most delicious hug of a particular part of his body that was both moist and hot. Yeah, fucking hot, baby.

Jack was coming, it took him by surprise, and he had no time to bark a warning. As he shuddered beneath Ianto, he felt Ianto's hands slap down on his chest as Ianto fought his own fit of lust.

Ianto's cry of ecstasy was so beautiful that Jack relaxed again and let the orgasm take him as he now convulsed and whimpered at the overload of sensation.

Finally coming back down to earth, Jack felt Ianto's soft kisses covering his face, and as Jack looked through lust-hazed eyes, his husband grinned down at him.

"Why, Captain Harkness-Jones! Such a dirty boy!"

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