Chapter 38

Jack wanted to go home. He wanted his home, his bed, and most importantly, his own bloody loo. He wanted the newspaper and he wanted soft music and he wanted…. Ianto.

As if by magic, the one he mentally called for came striding through the doors with the most wonderful gift in his arms. Walter. As the tyke saw his Daddy Jack, he grinned back and waved cheekily over his Taddy's shoulder as Ianto turned to close the door. It was at this point Ianto realised he had been followed into the room, and he stopped with shock, then took a step back as another man entered. He looked younger than Jack, but the blue eyes and angry glare were unmistakably Harkness.

Those eyes raked Ianto's body encased in the RAF coat, and then narrowed as they recognised the coat.

"Gray?" Jack gasped from the bed.

"Jack! What the hell is going on? I come to the station looking for you and they say you are in hospital. What the hell, I don't even rate a phone call?" Gray demanded as he strode to the bed and thumped the edge of it.

"Hey, hey. Calm down. I had no way of contacting you. We were bloody undercover somewhere, as usual. Don't get shirty with me, little brother!" Jack snapped back.

"Daddy!" Walter was sick of waiting and wanted his presence known.

Ianto felt the little body starting to stiffen and recognised a tantrum forming, so he stepped around the other man and plonked his son on the bed, who immediately threw himself into Jack's arms and kissed him.

"Hello you wonderful superman!" Jack smiled and hugged Walter to him like he'd not seen him for weeks. "I've been so lonely without my guy!"

Walter made a little "aw" noise and pulled back to stroke his face. "Love you, Daddy."

Jack sucked in a sharp breath as the "Jack" part was left off. The last few days, Walter kept doing that, and Jack loved it no end. He was no longer an addition, he was now part of Walter's foundations, and he grinned madly up at his beloved to see if he'd caught it too.

Ianto smiled and nodded. Jack suddenly realised he was not getting a kiss, and then remembered Gray was there. He focused his gaze back on his little brother, who was now staring openly at Ianto like he was the last piece of chocolate gateau at a fat convention.

"Gray, this is my husband! Ianto Harkness-Jones, Yan, this is my little brother Gray," Jack called dibs as quickly as he could. Gray's eyes widened a fraction and Jack knew he'd been only seconds from a slanderous comment. Crisis averted, Gray turned to Jack and mouthed, "Husband?"

"Things got a bit dire, little bro. We had little time to prepare and I wanted to be hitched to this man so much that I demanded a death bed wedding. Got it too!" Jack grinned proudly. "He even snogged me silly as they were preparing me for surgery. I went to sleep with a lovely Ianto buzz."

"Stop it!" Ianto snapped with that tell-tale twinkle in his eyes that told Jack he wasn't in trouble at all, and Jack grinned wider.

"So what did ya need, little brother?" Jack addressed Gray, who was now examining the mocha-coloured limpet on Jack's chest.

"Hmm? Oh, money. Hey there," Gray caught Walter's eye, and he frowned up at the stranger. "I'm your Uncle Gray."

Walter looked over at Ianto for proof, and Ianto nodded. Walter sat up and looked hard at the man who Daddy seemed to like. Tadda seemed a bit scared, but then he always was with other people. Walter frowned as he processed this then stared again as he recognised his Daddy's eyes on the stranger. Huh, maybe he had good cuddles too, then. Finally Walter decided he liked him and smiled back.

Jack knew his little man was giving the Jones Charm Smile as Gray's face melted with delight and he bent down to touch the little boy's face. "So gorgeous, you are quite the scene stealer, aren't you, lovely boy?"

"I don't steal. Bad men steal and Myfanwy eat them!" Walter declared, and Gray huffed with delight.

"Myfanwy is our dog," Ianto felt the need to clarify, and Gray smiled at the rich Welsh vowels filling the room in such a lovely deep voice.

"Such a confident little talker. Melissa was… Well." Gray cleared his throat, then looked at his brother in apology.

He saw no grief or anger. In the past, the mention of her name shut down any and all conversation, but now Gray saw a spark of the brother he'd once known and loved as Jack looked at the little boy with adoration.

"Yeah, he can count to twenty and knows all his colours, don't you, clever clogs?" Jack said to Walter, who preened as he lay back against Jack's chest.

"I'm not clever clogs, I am Walter the Clever Bum!" he declared, and Ianto let out a peel of delighted laughter as his own voice was perfectly parodied in Walter's little one.

Cheeky monkey.

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