Chapter 39

Jack was finally allowed home and Ianto was having kittens as he checked for the umpteenth time if he had chilled the chocolate milk Jack preferred.

Walter was carefully colouring a picture of a fire truck and Ianto silently thanked Tosh for her thoughtful gift. If only everyone could be so easily distracted.

The noise outside told him Jack had arrived. Although Ianto had wanted to collect him himself, he understood Gray's need to do something for his brother and had stayed behind plumping the cushions. Ianto gave the room one last glare, then with a chop of his hand to the top of the cushion he left the main room and headed down the hall for the back door.

Janet sat patiently waiting and Ianto wondered if it was for Jack or just a chance to escape. As the door opened he got his answer with the she-devil cat shooting out into the street.

Jack cursed and struggled to stay upright on his crutches as Janet weaved between his legs and Gray grabbed his brother's shoulders to stabilise him. Jack wondered if Gray had met Myfanwy yet. The squeak of terror as she let out a bellow from the garage answered that one.

"What do you think of Myf?" Jack asked casually as they made their way to the front door.

"Bloody thing's insane! I swear to God, Jack. It nearly bit my manhood off!" Gray snarled.

The door opened and Jack looked up into his husband's beaming face.

"Ianto!" Jack tried to smile and swallow down his disappointment that Ianto hadn't collected him himself.

Gray propelled Jack into the house before he could catch a kiss from Ianto, and he soon found himself deposited on the sofa as Gray fussed. Jack frowned and looked for Ianto but got an armful of Walter instead.

"Hello, little man," Jack crowed, cuddling the tot who was trying to show him the colouring book and slamming it repeatedly into Jack's bruised ribs.

"Walt, stop that. Poor Daddy needs to settle first, beastie!" Ianto warned, reaching for Walter.

"It's OK Walter." Gray plucked Walter from Jack's lap and hugged him. "You just give the bestest hugs. I really need one too."

Walter gasped, then dropped the book and hugged his new uncle with renewed energy.

Gray laughed and plonked himself down next to Jack, who groaned softly at the jolt to his still tender body.

Ianto frowned and reached for his son again only to find Gray had flipped him onto the other side of his body, effectively rendering Ianto unable to grab him.

"May I have my son, please?" Ianto asked with his usual aplomb.

"He's OK here, Jeeves, you just go check the food or something," Gray demanded as he turned to Jack with a twinkle in his eye. "Guess who I saw the other day!"

Jack watched Ianto leave the room with a drug-induced lethargy. It was several minutes before his brain caught up with his ears and he recognised the insult his brother had used.

"Yan?" Jack tried to rise and Gray quickly deposited the boy into his lap. Jack tried to move Walter to one side but the boy had become a limpet as he clung to his Daddy.

Ianto appeared in the doorway with a raised eyebrow. "You screamed sir?"

"Yan? What are you doing?" Jack asked as he again tried to put Walter aside.

"I'm tending to the food, sir," Ianto replied and Jack finally caught on to the polite tone.

"Come on baby, come sit with me," Jack begged but Gray was now half lying across the sofa and there was no room.

The knock at the door startled Ianto, who growled softly. Would they give Jack no peace?

It wasn't until Ianto left, shaking his head, that Jack saw the problem and sighed. Damn.

Ianto opened the door to find two uniformed officers waiting.

"Ianto Jones?"

Ianto nodded with confusion as they surged forward.

"Mr Jones. Would you please accompany us to the station for a little sit-down?" the fat one said and Ianto found himself being propelled towards the Heddlu car.

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