Chapter 42

Gray had finally helped Ianto get Jack back out of the interrogation room, and Ianto didn't know if he should thank the man for driving Jack over to the station, or curse him.

When Jack had finally run out of steam, helped by the arrival of an equally angry and puffing Captain Smith, Ianto learned that Marcus had met a very sticky end. Whoever had killed him had done so with extreme malice.

He had been beaten and then, while he lay dying, the killer had shot him. And they had aimed for his crotch. Such an intimate thing, no wonder they thought it might be Ianto. Of course, the Hallett family had pointed their fingers at him as well.

Ianto was now even more determined that they never get their hands on his son.

Walter was waiting in the watch-house. It seemed the Jones Charm was still alive and kicking as several police women were cooing and clucking about the little man who sat calmly in a swivel chair, turning himself around.

Evidence of bribery was on display as the sweet wrappers that littered the desk flapped as he swung himself with his hands against the desk to push off, and the desk had two cans of soft drink on display. Oh boy, someone isn't going to bed on time tonight!

"Walter, you'll make yourself sick, my little man," Ianto warned as he entered the room.

Walter slammed both palms down on the desk and grinned up at his Tadda.

Another round of cooing ensued, and Ianto chuckled as Jack hobbled in behind him.

"Thank you ladies. As always you are bastions of the peace!" Jack gave his best Harkness Special grin and the ladies giggled like school girls.

Gray reached for Walter, scooping him into the air as Walter squealed with delight.

"There's my little star!" Gray grinned and Walter gave a perfect little snort. "We'd best get you home, young man. I bet you're hungry! Yes you are!

"Yes ladies. Thank you for caring for my nephew," Gray said solemnly as he turned and exited past Ianto and Jack.

Ianto turned and stared at Jack, who just grinned and turned to follow his brother.

What the fuck just happened? Ianto wondered.

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