Chapter 44

John was drunk.

How Ianto hadn't heard the banging was beyond Jack, but thank god he hadn't, as John was so drunk he could hardly stand up. His pants were falling off his hips and his flies gaped open as John struggled to hug Jack.

He had been peeing into the hydrangea bushes by the door when Jack had opened it, and seemed quite oblivious to his half-dressed appearance. He had obviously been crying, and whatever had pushed him to this level of drunkenness couldn't be good.

Jack couldn't leave him like that. With a sigh, he levered him up

Once he had him seated on the sofa with a strong coffee, Jack asked John what had caused this meltdown.

What he told him would shake him to the core.

"We traced the phone call that called you to the warehouse. It was a burner. But we did get the CCTV footage of who was making the call. Marcus Hallett. I was so fucking angry. I tried to tell Smith but he was so distracted by Ianto that I went to Gwen instead. She is your partner, right?

"Oh God, Jack. I don't know how it happened. Gwen had the idea to confront him but it was me who lost my temper. The beating had been prolonged and brutal. Once I started I couldn't stop. The thought of you … l mean we were good together once, weren't we? Partners in every way. You were dying and I was losing you and…god forgive me.

"The only mistake had been when I thought I had won and turned my back. He was so fucking quick. One minute I was the one upright, and then the knife was against my neck.

"Gwen fired the shot. I turned and he was done for. I stomped his skull in. God, I did- sob –" I did it! You know my temper. Besides, he had it coming!"

Jack sat as still as stone as he chewed through the rushed explanation.

"John, what possessed you both?" Jack finally asked.

"I don't know. Ianto was so heartbroken. God, you didn't see. You were blissfully unconscious. He was beside himself." John whined, "It all just happened so fast."

"John, you can never tell Ianto," Jack said solemnly.

Ianto left the hallway and faded into the shadows as the two men continued talking in the main room. He quietly snuck back to bed to ponder his own secrets.

N:B A burner is a cheap pre-paid cell phone that is untraceable. You use it. Then throw it away.

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