Chapter 46

Jack looked up from the file he was reading when he heard the front door open and close. Ianto was home.

"How's the Tosh-myster?" he called out.

"In love, apparently," Ianto replied as he entered the office. "Some bird called Mary. Thing is, I never even suspected she was bi. Always boy lusting!"

Jack was seated at his desk pouring over files, his crutches standing in the corner. A few more days and he'd move to a cane as his knee continued to heal from the beating. Walter was colouring in at Jack's feet and his little tongue was held between his teeth in concentration.

Ianto leaned against the desk and looked down at Walter, who was breaking a rule about no crayons in any room other than the main room on the table. He knew Jack had allowed this so he let it slide, but he would have to remind Jack later that rules were rules with Walt.

"What you got there, snot?" Ianto smiled as he looked down at the stick figures and scribbles that must be clothing.

"Is that Daddy in his big coat?" Ianto pointed to a stickman with blue scribble covering him, and Walter beamed with delight.

"Yeah. Daddy," Walter agreed.

"Well, that fine-looking one must be Walter." Ianto pointed to a smaller stick figure with red scribbles.

"Yeah. Walter in fireman PJs." Walter clapped.

"And so, that must be…me?" Ianto looked at the other figure that looked the biggest, and frowned at the brown scribble on him. He never wore brown.

"Unca Gray!" Walter laughed at Ianto's silly mistake.

"Oh brilliant, Walt. But where am I?" Ianto asked.

"You're in kitchen getting food. You're wife!" Walter scoffed as he got to his feet and toddled over to Jack with the picture.

"I beg your pardon? Walter, who told you that?" Ianto was scandalised.

Jack looked up from his reading as Walter tugged on his leg and took the picture with excited noises.

"Walter, Taddy asked a question, young man!" Ianto was frowning now as his son ignored him.

"Lighten up honey, he's showing me something. Any chance of a sandwich while you're up?" Jack said absently as he examined the drawing with pursed lips.

As Ianto stomped from the room he heard Jack behind him using a fake English accent, "Yes, a most excellent interpretation of the family unit, I must say, young master Walter."

Oh yes, they were definitely having words later.

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