Chapter 47

Jack was already in bed when Ianto exited the bathroom and all hopes of a conversation fled.

It had become their habit to discuss things in the bedroom where Walter couldn't hear them arguing. More often than not it moved to make-up sex, as they could never stay angry at one another for trivial things.

In the days following Jack's return there had been quite a bit of make-up sex and they had crossed a new bridge in their relationship when Ianto had admitted Jack was the only partner who turned him on like that. Jack's preening had been immense.

Tonight's discussion/argument had been going through Ianto's head as he showered, and he was ready to be calm and reasonable but the speech he'd rehearsed to the tiles needed to be voiced. Now, as he viewed the waiting bed, his hopes were dashed.

Walter was cuddled against Jack in the middle of the bed as Jack read to him. The black-framed glasses Jack wore for reading when he was tired always turned Ianto on, but tonight he had really wanted to discuss Gray.

As Ianto slid into his side of the bed, Walter reached out a hand. Ianto absently kissed the palm, drawing from Walter, who closed his eyes. How can you stay mad with that in the bed?

"You OK, hon?" Jack asked quietly as he noted Ianto's annoyance.

"Nothing that can't wait." Ianto's answer worried Jack a bit - what had he done now?

"Anything else you wanna talk about?" Jack removed his glasses and focused on his husband.

"Tosh. I know it sounds like the green-eyed monster but she seems so smitten with this Mary character and I'm a little nervous about it." Ianto chose a subject Jack would be interested in.

Jack pulled his laptop over and logged onto his work computer. "What's her name?"

"Mary Arcateen," Ianto confirmed as Jack began typing.

"Hmm. Strange. Says here that she had quite a rap sheet for confidence tricking, extortion, and… shit. She has connections to the Hoodlums!" Jack spluttered.

The HOODLUMS were the thorn in his paw. He had never made anything stick with this lot because their legal team were fantastic, but this local mob of thugs ran the estates. Ianto had frozen at that bit of information, and frowned as he wondered just what Mary's deal was.

"Jack? Can you look up anyone on this site?" Ianto finally asked.

"Sure. What, got an old flame? No. No, you want me to look up the school bully?" Jack teased.

"No. Look up me," Ianto answered.

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