Chapter 48

"What?" Jack thought he had heard wrong.

"Look up my rap sheet," Ianto repeated as he pulled the blankets up to tuck in their snoozing boy.

Jack's fingers moved quickly across the keypad as he typed in Ianto's name.

"Captain, it's Ifan. Not Ianto," Ianto corrected him, and Jack froze.

"Yan?" Jack looked over the tops of his frames at Ianto in confusion.

"My legal name is Ifan. Didn't you read the marriage certificate? Ianto is the abbreviation. Like Billy for William." Ianto rolled his eyes. Seriously, how long had Jack lived in Wales?

"Well you learn something new every day!" Jack said softly as he re-typed the name.

Ianto snorted as his love began to read the document, and as his face fell, Ianto thought to himself that Jack was certainly learning something today.

"Ianto, I mean." Jack struggled to comprehend the rap sheet.

Name: Ifan "Ianto" Jones

DOB 19 August 1983

Height: 5ft 11'

Eye colour: Blue

Hair brown

Affiliations: Hoodlums enforcer Idris Hopper

Hoodlums associate Martha Jones

Hoodlums associate Eugene Jones

Hoodlums solicitor Harriet Jones

Upheld Charges: Shoplifting. Extortion. Grievous bodily harm. Concealed weapon.

"I had a bit of a rough patch as a teen. A bit of a bugger, me." Ianto sighed as he mentally went through the rap sheet.

"Rough patch? You are a Hoodlum?" Jack whispered.

"No. My brother, Eugene, was a Hoodlum, as is my cousin Martha. Idris was Eugene's partner. When Eugene was killed it changed Idris. He became a different person. I tried to help him but it was too late. Finally he turned on me like he had turned on everyone else. Blamed me for Eugene's death. Like if I'd been there that night Gene wouldn't have been mown down by the car but… I don't know." Ianto waited for a response, and Jack pondered it for a while.

"So the gun you had that night …" Jack asked.

"Was from Martha. It's clean, I swear!" Ianto assured him, but Jack was confused.

"So this is why I've only ever met Rhia?" Jack looked at Ianto, who nodded.

"My family kind of disowned me when Gene died. They believed Idris that I was to blame, and I've never had the strength to pursue a relationship with them again. Rhia never got into the whole scene so she was always on the outside." Ianto rubbed Walter's back as he snuffled and dug deeper into Jack's side.

The next morning, breakfast was a silent affair. Jack had called John while Ianto was getting Walter ready for Rhia, and as he carried Walter through to the kitchen, he found Jack preparing to leave.

"Going somewhere cariad?" Ianto asked as Walter reached for the sippy cup Ianto had placed on the table.

"Work," Jack answered, and the monosyllabic answer caused Ianto's stomach to clench.

"Oh, OK. Rhia will be here in a minute then…" Ianto began, but Jack shook his head.

"No. John is coming to get me. I don't need you." Jack left the room as Ianto gaped at his retreating back.

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