Chapter 49

When Ianto got the phone call, he was filing in the archives. The library was empty and as the ringtone echoed off the walls, Ianto struggled to reach for the phone, swearing as books tumbled to the floor.

"Ianto here," he answered.

"Yan? It's Rhia."

"Hello love." Ianto smiled.

"Walter left his bag behind and I didn't notice until now," she continued.

"Huh? What do you mean? Where is he?" Ianto panicked.

"Gray, Jack's gorgeous brother collected him. Jack was running late and called ahead. Why? You did remember it was only a half day today, didn't you?" she laughed. "God, how many more of these Adonises do you have hidden away?"

He had forgotten. "Jack was to pick him up, wasn't he?"

"Yes but he's running late. God, keep up, little brother!" she admonished.

Ianto thanked her and hung up as his mind went into overdrive. Gray had him? With a growl of annoyance, he called Jack.

"Yes? I'm kind of busy Ianto," Jack barked, and Ianto frowned at the phone. No hello? No term of endearment? Ianto knew his caller ID must have shown on Jack's phone.

"Well, I get that. After all you are too busy to collect my son like you promised. Please get your brother to bring him to me so I don't bother you or your brother with my responsibilities, sir," Ianto asked politely.

The silence was unnerving.

"Jack? I don't have your brother's mobile number. I want my son back!" Ianto demanded.

"Ianto, Gray dropped him off to you over an hour ago! What are you talking about?" Jack finally replied. "His text message said 70 minutes ago outside your place of work. How about you go find your son in your library there and we'll talk tonight."

"Jack! Walter is not here! I never saw your brother! Return him now or I will contact your buddies downstairs and have you brother arrested for kidnapping!" Ianto blasted before slamming the phone down.

He stared at the phone as it began to ring, and although he knew it was Jack he also knew it was the work phone so he had to answer.

"Cardiff South Library. How may I help you today?" Ianto politely said.

"Yan! I can't get Gray on the phone. Please think before you do something stupid!" Jack was begging, and Ianto's anger rose even more at the news.

"Where was he taking my son?" Ianto said slowly.

"To you. He was supposed to take him to you," Jack assured him. "We're looking for him now!"

"You have lost my son?" Ianto was incredulous. After everything that had happened, this seemed to be far too soap opera-like for him to comprehend.

"I'm looking, tiger. I promise I'll have him home soon."

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