Chapter 5

Although it had been nearly a week since the mugging, four days since Ianto had agreed to the date, Jack was still waiting for him to say no.

When a wolf-whistle from his phone announced a text, he reluctantly looked at the screen.


Jack sighed and opened the text, ready for a let-down.

Thought you may like the view I have

Tosh "-)'

Jack stared at the phone and then nervously opened the attachment.


His legs turned to jelly and his knees folded. He landed back on the bed as he continued to stare at the small photograph on the screen.

Oh. My. God.

Jack enlarged the photo to see his face clearly. The way the light hit his left cheek… his cheekbones were to die for.

Jack rolled to his front and moved the picture so he could see his lips. Pursed, wet. Had he just licked them? His hair is wet - so he's just showered - and the soft curl that wraps around his ear is gorgeous.

Man, talk about gone. Obsessing over a curl?

Jack wondered what to do first. Reply? Save to cloud backup? Send as e-mail to his personal files?

He settled for another shower first, hoping to stave off his excitement so he didn't embarrass himself too much if Ianto gave him that look while they were in public.

He made a mental note to watch that Tosh – she was a minx and a playful one at that.

As Jack pulled up outside Ianto's house, he wondered again if Ianto were having second thoughts.

The bouncing face at the window was small and excited; well, someone was happy to see him.

Jack exited the vehicle and leant back in to retrieve the small parcel he had placed on the passenger seat before starting this evening's journey.

Walter was standing at the open door as he walked through the gate, and Jack smiled at the sight. A nappy that was half falling off had Walter holding it with one hand as he grinned up at Jack, waving with the other hand so fiercely it might fly right off.

"Walter get your flappy nappy bum in here and have your bath or Tadda is never going it make it to the ball on time." A welsh baritone drifted out the door. Ianto.

Jack scooped the mite up and wandered in, remembering the layout from his last two visits.

He carried Walter into the bathroom and got a glorious view of a Welsh arse, wiggling about in charcoal grey trousers as Ianto leant over the bath to turn off the taps.

"Did you find the hellion spawn of the devil, Rhia?" Ianto growled as he turned to face the doorway.

They stared at each other and then Jack smiled. Ianto remembered he could move, and reached for the boy, but Jack was already starting to kneel.

"Wanna show me your bath toys, bug?" Jack asked as he undid the nappy.

Walter giggled and clapped his hands, trying to get to the water.

"Typical! Runs like a frightened rabbit when I say the "B" word and then can't wait to get in when you say "Toy"," Ianto laughed as he lifted Walter up and into the bubbles.

"Hey, he's a lover not a fighter, aren't you bunny bum," Jack laughed as Walter lay down in the bubbles, looking over his shoulder at said bum.

"No Bunny Bum! Big Bum!" he declared with authority and two baritones laughed, booming off the tiled walls.

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