Chapter 50

"Ianto? Is that really you?"

"Yeah. Martha, I'm sorry but I'm in a real bind here. I know Rhia has been keeping you up to date with my wonderful Stepford life but as you probably know, I've started a new relationship."

"Ah, yes. The cop!" Martha intoned in typical Jones fashion. Although adopted, she really had their mannerisms down pat.

"Yes. His brother has taken my son … Well, OK, maybe I'm exaggerating. His brother picked up my son and has not dropped him off as agreed; it's been nearly four hours and we can't get a trace on his phone," Ianto informed her.

He could hear her heels clicking as she walked. The echoing clicks down the phone as she took the phone to another room gave him a chance to sit down and calm himself.

"Ianto, I think you need to hear something," Martha said at last. "Please be calm."

"Yani? Dat you, brodda?"

Ianto stared at the exotic beastie masquerading as a phone. "Idris?"

"Randem. Hey boy. Look, I's wanting to be, like, I need to holla at yas."

"Idris? Please take the phone somewhere private to talk to me. You know I hate Chav."

"Sorry Yani. I had my crew there, ya know?" Idris's normal voice came down the line after a few beats, and Ianto smiled.

"You sound good. God, Iddi, you sound great!" Ianto informed him.

"Yeah. I really need to … shit. I went a bit nuts for a while and I am so sorry for ..."

"Iddi, I'm sorry too. Let's just put a line under it, yeah? We both lost so much that night." Ianto didn't want this conversation now.

"Now. What's this I hear about your little monster?" Idris was back on track.

"Jack's brother, a man called Gray, picked Walter up from Rhia's without my knowledge and we can't find them. He was meant to drop him off to me but it never happened." Ianto felt his fear returning and swallowed it down. "It's been over four hours and neither I nor Jack can get hold of Gray."

"Gray Harkness? The undercover prick? Shit. Give me a few, brodda, ah sorry. Slips in. Ya know how it is." Idris sighed his apology for the Chav.

"Yeah. Mentals, man," Ianto snarked back, and Idris's laugh was lovely to hear.

Ianto trusted his friend to do more digging that Jack could ever do, and settled down to wait. His past and future were about to collide, and all he could do was wait.

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