Chapter 51

Jack's anger had given way to fear as Gray's phone went straight to answerphone yet again. Gray never left his phone unanswered for this long. Jack was watching John and Gwen as they shouted down phones and struggled to find any CCTV footage of the two members of his family he was desperate to find.

Tosh had been called in by Gwen, and Jack was too shocked to care as she effortlessly hacked into their main system and then triangulated Gray's phone from nearby cell towers.

"Even though he's not on it, it is still on. Until the battery goes dead, we have an idea of where he is. These warehouses!" she declared, and Jack groaned as a familiar warehouse came on screen.

The vehicles were all black, four in total. Jack heard the blood pounding in his ears as he recognised the preferred car of the local Triad Gray had infiltrated in his latest undercover assignment.

John's expletives matched Jack's own as they began to gather for a raid.

They arrived in true Heddlu fashion, with screaming brakes and manic grins.

Exiting the vehicles, they moved to surround the building. As Jack readied his crew to enter, he nervously clutched at the cane John had given him before leaving the base.

They noted the vehicles already parked had been joined by flashy SUVs of varying colours and each pimped out to the max. Gwen pointed to one with open distaste. HODLUM stared back. Another stated it was HDLMFB while FBHOOL was a weird green one John was scraping his boot on.

"Looks like someone got here before us!" He crowed as he looked over the array of Hoodlum vehicles.

A scream from inside the building goaded them to action, and they stormed the place with guns drawn.

"Jack!" Gwen barked as she levelled her gun at the man who had Gray by the arm.

"Don't just stand there ya muppet, help me get him out of here!" the man snarled, and Jack reached for his brother.

"No. Walter, get Walter," Gray gasped as he stumbled past Jack.

"Looks like the local Triads found their leak." John sneered, "Told you he was flying too close to the sun this time."

"Shut up and find my baby!" Jack snarled, but a familiar shout had him running before John could reply.

Entering the main area of the warehouse, he was struck dumb by what he saw. Sliding to a halt, he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Ianto had a gun aimed at the head of the leader of the Triads. Several bodies littered the floor and Hoodlums stood firm behind Ianto.

The dark gunmetal grey suit hugged Ianto's lean frame and his jacket lay discarded on the ground, leaving a gunmetal arse that pertly sat below the dark purple silk that backed the waistcoat.

Ianto looked like he was a soldier. Like he belonged. God, he looked so fucking hot!

"Prey they survive," Ianto snarled as he pulled the trigger.

Jack gasped as the gun revealed itself to be a stun gun, and as the man lay twitching at Ianto's feet, Ianto finally looked up at Jack.

"Find our son!"

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