Chapter 52

Jack was frantically searching for Walter as Ianto strutted around like he had the biggest balls in the place and Jack was beginning to wonder just how much he had underestimated this man's strength.

The Hoodlums automatically looked to Ianto as Idris helped search. Ianto simply waited to either hold his son or kill those who lay quietly begging and shaking at his feet.

Finally, Gwen came into view. Walter was hugging her around the neck and when he saw his Taddy he burst into tears as Ianto dropped the gun and surged over to his baby.

One of the men on the ground reached for the gun, and Idris growled softly as he aimed his colt .45 at the man's head. "Really?"

Ianto anxiously searched Walter for injuries but found his son was only distressed. Turning to Idris, Ianto nodded then stalked from the main area and proceeded to leave the warehouse.

"Yan! Wait!" Jack called, but Ianto didn't falter.

As Jack hobbled outside, he saw Ianto getting into the "HODLUM" vehicle. Jack could only watch in growing horror as Idris jumped behind the wheel and an attractive black woman climbed in the passenger seat, then they sped off.

Gray was leaning against the outside of the building, and Jack turned to face him with his mouth still hanging open.

"Well, well, well. You never told me I was pissing off a kingpin in the Hoodlums." Gray snorted, "All this time I thought you had a little wife but you actually have a bloody tiger by the tail, brother!"

Jack could only grunt.

Jack entered the house with trepidation. There was the sound of laughter, and Jack relaxed a fraction as he realised that Ianto hadn't left him.

He entered the main room and Walter ran to meet him. Jack dropped his cane and fell to his knees, ignoring the bite from the injured one. Walter was OK. Everything would work out.

Ianto was holding the hand of the black woman, and now that Jack was closer to her, he felt stupid. It was Martha - Ianto's cousin. Idris was standing with a hand on Ianto's shoulder, and as Ianto turned to face him, Jack saw him smiling.

"Hey gorgeous," Jack tried with a purr.

"Husband," Ianto said dryly.

"Husband? Really?" Idris raised an eyebrow and stared down at Jack, who was struggling to rise with a limpet attached to his neck.

"Walter, let your Daddy up, please," Ianto growled, and Walter finally let go with a giggle.

"Thank you snot." Jack finally rose to face Ianto eye to eye.

"I would rather put a line under today and move on, but I think we both need clear the air. Would you excuse us, please?" Ianto said politely as Tosh pushed past Ianto to give Walter a sandwich.

Jack followed Ianto to their bedroom and prepared himself for an epic fight. He knew he deserved all the woe he was going to get but he had some of his own bloody things to say.

Ianto's lips smashing into his before the door closed was a surprise, but when the bed met the back of his knees and Jack realised that Ianto had waltzed him across the room, he didn't really care anymore.

Ianto kissed his way down Jack's chest as he removed both of their clothing. Jack could only whimper with need.

"Jack, I need you," Ianto whispered in his ear. "I need you in me. Now!"

Jack thought he might swallow his tongue if he tried to speak, so he settled for a whine as Ianto kissed him deeply while pumping his throbbing member. Ianto was finger-fucking himself, and he leaned back on his heels as he pushed another finger in, causing Jack to groan again as he watched the show.

All too soon, Ianto was straddling him and panting with lust as slicked fingers held Jack's fellow erect so Ianto could impale himself.

There was no foreplay here, no gentle build up. Ianto fucked Jack into the mattress. Pillows fell from the bed as Jack scrabbled for purchase, finding a better angle to thrust up into Ianto, who was howling with pleasure each time Jack hit his sweet spot.

As Jack felt his fire erupt into a volcano of hot come, he pumped frantically. Ianto looked down and gave a wanton leer that was Jack's final undoing. Jack cried out with pleasure as Ianto convulsed above him, lost in his own orgasm.

Finally, Ianto fell into Jack's arms to lie in his embrace as Jack pumped a few more times, then rested. As Jack became limp, he slid from Ianto's body, both sighing at the sudden loss.

"Some line under today, tiger!" Jack panted, and Ianto laughed softly into his chest.

"Some shouting later, maybe, but know first and foremost, I love you," Ianto murmured as they drifted off to sleep.

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