Chapter 53

Jack decided it was time to talk. Walter was in bed and they had the house to themselves.

Jack sat on the sofa and reached for the remote. Ianto looked at him in surprise as the TV flicked off.

"Ianto. I have things I need to say. I want you to listen and let me get this out. No lines under things or laters. Please?" Jack begged, and Ianto nodded.

"I want to start by saying that I love you."

"I also want to say that I think we need to move."

Ianto opened his mouth but stopped before anything came out. He settled back and nodded for Jack to continue.

"I want us to find a home for us. Not your house, not my house. Our home."

Ianto smiled and slowly nodded.

"I want a wedding. A real wedding. I want flowers, Walter in a tux, and you naked and wanton on our honeymoon. No bloody doves though! White pigeons are just waiting to poo on me!"

Ianto snorted and nodded.

"I want our families to get along. I want barbeques and picnics and all the sappy family stuff. I want the fair!"

Ianto giggled and covered his mouth at the last part.

"Yeah, I know you laugh, Mr Harkness-Jones, but really? I want it all!"

"You really gonna quote songs at me now, Mr Bon Jovi?" Ianto finally spoke.

"Huh? Who?"

"Oh honey, you have been missing out." Ianto laughed as he leaned in to kiss his husband.

Jack came out the next morning to find his breakfast ready for him as always, but instead of the morning paper he saw a bridal magazine.

"Babe?" Jack waved it at Ianto.

"I've marked several pages with ideas. Any you don't like, remove the coloured tags. Those left go into the ideas book," Ianto explained.

"Ideas book?" Jack gaped.

"Well, I need to start planning if we are having a Christmas wedding," Ianto said softly as he placed Walter's porridge down.

"Christmas? That soon? You think we can swing it?" Jack beamed.

"Well, it is a couple of months away. Not like we need to do colour wheels or whatever girls do. Blue and silver as a theme. Your police colours and Walter's favourite colours as well." Ianto shrugged.

"But I love you in red." Jack pouted.

"Red cummerbunds and red roses in our lapels then." Ianto sighed as he reached for a pad and began listing stuff.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Jack put his hand up like he was back in school.

"Yes Mr Harkness-Jones?" Ianto gave his best schoolteacher voice, making Jack shiver.

"Can I have a big cake? Like tiers and stuff?" Jack jiggled in his seat, and Ianto smiled.

"Three, I think. Chocolate bottom, banana top, and marble cake to join the two?" Ianto muttered.

Jack smacked his lips together at the thought of such a cake. Chocolate bottom sounds yummy.

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