Chapter 54

Owen was surprised when Ianto entered his office, but he had grown to like the young man, and waved him to a nearby chair.

With a scathing look, Ianto carefully removed the folders and looked around the messy office with a frown.

"Hey, I have a system here, mate!" Owen sniped as he snatched the files and threw them onto a nearby stack that proceeded to collapse onto the floor.

"Yes Owen. Impressive," Ianto droned with an eye roll.

"Well? Can't all be Mr. Mom now, can we?" Owen sniffed. "Jack's office at home is just plain scary!"

"Bless. Something actually scares you? The mighty Doctor Harper?" Ianto clasped his hands to his bosom and swooned.

"Smartarse!" Owen snarled with good humour.

"Owen!" Ianto said. Owen immediately noted the serious tone and leaned forward.

"Jack and I are getting married."

"FUCK ME! I dreamed about this. Quick, where's Jack? We gotta warn him about a warehouse and your weird workmate," Owen said as he grabbed Ianto's hands with wide-eyed horror.

"Smartarse," Ianto parroted back.

"OK, what do you need, my little blossom?" Owen asked as he turned to reach for his coffee cup, which sat precariously on another stack of files.

"Firstly, never say that again. The only blossom will be the blood from your nose. Secondly, will you be my second?" Ianto caught the files as they began their descent, and Owen stared at him.


"Gray will be Jack's best man and I want you to be mine." Ianto rolled his eyes.

"Shit! What about your Idris bloke?" Owen grinned.

"No. He was for Lisa, and I want good luck this time. You have only ever helped me and I want you by our sides," Ianto declared.

Owen puffed to twice his normal size in the chair as he nodded enthusiastically.

"Oh yeah, and Tosh is my maid of honour as well. You don't mind, do you? Sitting with her and dancing with her for the first couples dance?" Ianto asked with wide eyes.

"Oh, well, for you, mate. Sure." Owen was jiggling now, and Ianto smiled to himself as he began Operation Tosh and Owen.

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