Chapter 58

The day of the wedding had arrived, and Jack was unbelievably thankful that he and Ianto had refused a stag night.

Some had gone anyway, without the two grooms attending, and John was still drunk, having spent the night in the cells while screaming his innocence. Why he kept saying he was not the keeper of the gummy bears was beyond all who heard, but John seemed sure he had to make everyone clear on that point. He would be a sore bunny today.

Jack was also thankful that Ianto had scoffed at the "night apart" rule - they were already married so it made no sense. Although a little tender this morning, Jack was blissfully happy.

Nothing was going to spoil today. Not with Ianto's planning skills and Idris's henchmen as bouncers. Jack felt confident of that. When he voiced it to Ianto, however, he was told to stop jinxing them.

Walter was first to be dressed, and his little suit complete with waistcoat made Jack a little weepy. His little man was so gorgeous Jack wondered how he would be able to take his eyes off him long enough for the vows. With his curls grown out again, Walter looked edible in his charcoal pinstripes with a soft pink tie at the collar of his light blue shirt.

When Ianto exited the bedroom shooting his cuffs, all stupid questions like that fled along with all of the blood from Jack's brain. The midnight blue suit and crisp white shirt were such a contrast, and the black tie made the blue shine though the blackish suit fabric. Jack had been sad when Ianto had finally vetoed the red accents but now, as always, he knew Ianto was right.

A god. An Adonis. A bloody vision. Jack wondered if he was drooling as he mentally undressed this king of kings who was rolling his eyes again at Walter, who had asked for a top hat like Unca Skiddy's.

Jack found his own suit laid out with a small box on top of the folded tie. Opening it, Jack found a pair of cufflinks that brought him to his knees.

Melissa's face beamed from one and Walter's from the other. Two petite pictures grinned up at him from the red silk, and Jack took a moment to release some pent up emotions.

Once he'd finished crying, he stumbled to the bathroom where he washed his face and grinned at the mirror. Assured his face still looked the same, Jack retuned to the bedroom and dressed.

Exiting the room, he wandered down the hall, and as he passed the pictures of his family, he pondered the last 48 hours. Tasers and doctors and bloody Hoodlums. What a world. What a family they were creating. He couldn't wait!

The limo had arrived early and the champagne was chilled. Walter did not dance on the seats, and as Ianto let him take a sip of champagne which was promptly spat out, Jack laughed at the silly nerves he'd had. They arrived on time and everyone seemed to be present and mostly sober. Check and check.

The celebrant who met them remembered their names and also seemed calm, which added to Jack's ease. Strangely, Ianto was becoming quieter and his tense frown was beginning to show.

The theme had been winter wonderland, and the silver/white/blue colour scheme was perfect. Jack walked into the big hall that was once a firehouse and was now vacant until a buyer came along and smiled as he shook his head in wonder. Tosh and Ianto had outdone themselves. Rhiannon had been called in along with Martha, and to Jack's surprise, apparently Owen was the man to call when a ladder had to be ascended.

It was decadent yet tasteful. Ianto had used Christmas decorations, sparkles, and bling to create a frosty paradise. Yet, it still felt warm. Instead of the dark blue he had expected, Jack looked out over pale blues with only a splatter of dark here and there like shadows on the snow.

The only disappointment for Jack was the lack of snow. Trust Cardiff to hold out on him. Still, he knew Ianto didn't care as it was an inside job, and come rain, hail, or snow they were going to have a party.

As the ceremony got underway, Jack locked hands and gaze with his love. This is it!

"Jackson Miller Harkness, do you take Ifan …"

"Stop, stop! There's been a terrible mistake!" Gwen screamed as she ran up the aisle.

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