Chapter 6

As Walter started to struggle to keep his eyes open, Jack closed the book.

"Come on wee man, that was book number three. You've gotta be tired by now," Jack whispered.

Ianto had tried to warn him, telling him to choose a book and not agree to a second book or he would be dead meat.

Walter muttered something that sounded suspiciously like the word "sucker" as he settled into his bedding.

"Did he just call me a sucker?" Jack whispered to Ianto, who was watching from the doorway.

"No. His sucky. A dummy that he only asks for at bedtime. I had hoped that it was a thing of the past as he's not asked for it in over a month, but the mugging really shook things up," Ianto explained.

"How old is he now?" Jack asked quietly, walking towards Ianto.

"Nearly three," Ianto grinned.

"Ah. Well they know a lot more than they let on and at this age they really suck up their parent's emotions." Jack leant down and kissed Walter's head.

Ianto thought it was the loveliest thing he had ever seen.

They walked together down the hall and into the kitchen to find Rhia shaking a small box the size of a packet of jelly.

"What have you got there, sissy?" Ianto frowned.

"Jack put this on the table, sorry." Rhia had the good grace to blush.

"Not to worry, it's for you!" Jack informed her with a blinding smile.

"Oh!" she squealed, jumping up and down.

"Ah, so that's where Walter gets it from." Ianto frowned at her and she poked out her tongue.

"You didn't have to," she gushed as she tore it open.

"You're babysitting so Yan can go to the ball." Jack smiled and Ianto groaned.

"You heard that, did you?" Ianto sighed.

"You are so emotional, aren't you?" Jack smiled again.

"You are so … so damned smiley!" Ianto countered, causing Jack to laugh.

Rhia exclaimed with joy as she opened the box and revealed a pair of pink stone earrings.

"You picked her colour alright," Ianto grinned as she squealed with pleasure.

"It's not hard; does she wear anything else?" Jack leant in to whisper.

Ianto turned his head and they were so close their noses touched.

"Our first kiss!" Jack gasped.

"What?" Ianto gaped.

"Eskimo kisses count!" Jack crowed.

Ianto continued to argue that it hadn't counted as the first kiss as Jack held the door of the SUV open.

As Jack's laugher and Ianto's drone of annoyance drifted across the road, the figure standing in the alleyway shifted a step closer.

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