Chapter 60

As they moved to take the pictures, those inside hurried to remove the chairs and put up the tables. Upon returning to the hall, Jack was astounded by the beautiful layout that Ianto must have sweated buckets at.

As they sat, Ianto was frowning down the table at Tosh, who looked back with raised eyebrows.

"Where's the bloody cake, Toshi?" he stage whispered, and her eyes widened as she realised it was missing.

A quick hunt ensued. This led to frantic phone calls and a bit of shouting that echoed in the building as Ianto and Jack smiled politely and continued to shake hands with well-wishers. Despite the warning that Ianto didn't like affection, most of Jack's side insisted on a kiss, and Jack was amazed at how politely Ianto allowed a bit of mauling. Jack's mother grabbing his arse was a bit much but given the copious amounts of champagne flowing, it was apparently forgivable as Ianto hugged her back as Grey squealed with horror at his mother's behaviour.

The cake was eventually found and as they rushed it in, Ianto could only watch with his mouth open as it toppled and then fell to the ground. Only he could have a cake that would rather commit suicide than appear at this comedy of errors.

As Myfanwy rushed to help "clean" the mess, Ianto could only watch as the marble cake layer began to disappear. She does love her food, that one!

At least the bottom chocolate layer was intact, as was the top layer that had landed right side up with the two grooms still locked in their frozen embrace. They still got to cut the cake amid drunken cheers, and when Ianto insisted on keeping the top layer so he could carefully remove the layer of icing to preserve the hugging couple, Jack was touched by the plea.

Finally the speeches were done and all the bullshit over with. The two men walked to the dancefloor as the opening music to their song started to play.

As All of Me by John Legend echoed through the space, many began to join them. Tosh finally had Owen by the balls, or rather, shoulders as he cuddled her into oblivion.

Ianto decided Gwen using the fireman's pole as a stripper's pole was one of the highlights of the event as Jack openly screamed abuse at her. Owen was on his knees with laughter as Tosh stalked him and Ianto knew the first dance had done its job as she looked lovingly down at Owen while shaking her head.

The best part that got Jack's vote was when Idris tried to do a toast and Stinky began pouring drink on the ground for their "fallen soldiers" who could not be here to share Toto's big day.

John Hart streaking naked through the water fountain that was visible through the French doors with Myfanwy in hot pursuit was one of the best bits, as was Skidmark snogging said wet urchin under the fountain. Not to mention that John decided he was a cherub and tried to pee into the fountain like one.

At one stage, someone found the control panel and accidentally set off the fire siren during the speeches. But when the photos came back and John Hart was clearly visible in the fountain with his nakedness still on display behind them as they posed for their official shots? Keeper!

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