Chapter 61

Ianto groaned as the morning sun flooded the room with light.

"Argh, bright light, bright light!" Ianto muttered, throwing an arm over his eyes.

"Come on babe. Gorgeous day out there, I bet … oh God! Snow!" Jack squealed as he looked out the window. He then leapt onto the bed and jiggled about on his knees.

"Snow. That means snow angels and snow on your tongue and... Come on Yan!" Jack begged.

"Didn't I carry you to bed last night? How come I have the hangover?" Ianto grumbled up at the handsome grin leaning over him.

"Oh, boy. Snow!" Jack enthused as he leapt from the bed like a spider monkey and began throwing clothes haphazardly from the suitcase Ianto had so carefully packed for their honeymoon night.

Ianto sighed and waited.

"Yan? Where's my gloves?"

"Top pocket, cariad," Ianto murmured, turning to burrow into the pillows.

"Yan? Did you pack my scarf? You know the-"

"Blue one. Yes, with the gloves." Ianto gave up and began to throw back the covers.

The Hyatt Suite was lovely and warm. As Ianto padded across the room in his bare feet to empty his bladder, Jack slowly dropped each glove, then the scarf.

"We could just stay in.," Jack licked his lips as he watched his naked Ianto through the open bathroom door.

Ianto absently scratched a bare butt cheek and poked out his tongue at the mirror as he flushed the loo. Last night they had both been too drunk to do more than flop into bed, but this morning Jack wondered if Ianto was up for it.

Jack straightened the bed and picked up the phone for room service, asking for strawberries, whipped cream, dipping sauce, and a nice grape juice. Ianto had declared a dislike for champagne and Jack loved to please his Welshman.

"What time did you agree for us to pick Walt up from Rhia?" Ianto called from the bathroom, mouth full of toothpaste.

"Not until three this afternoon. She and Gray are taking the kids to the park for a picnic lunch," Jack called back, still marvelling at how quickly Gray had latched onto Rhiannon.

"You think it's OK? I mean, Johnny is still lurking about even if they're broken up. They did really only just meet." Ianto leaned back around the door frame and grinned at the sight that met him.

Jack lay back on the bed stroking himself as he impatiently waited for his husband.

"Boy! Come service me!" Jack demanded, pointing at his throbbing cock, and Ianto giggled before dropping into butler mode.

"Yes, master. I be coming, master. I be a good boy," Ianto simpered as he crawled to the bed, and Jack whimpered with excitement.

Ianto climbed onto the bed and looked coyly at Jack through his lashes.

"What you be wanting, master?"

"You on me! Now. Get to it or I'll bloody whip you by God!" Jack warned, and Ianto giggled quietly with his head ducked as he tried to look shocked and needy at the same time.

"I'll be a good boy. I'll please you, master; no need for the whip."

Ianto licked Jack from the base to the tip and as Jack barked with pleasure/pain, Ianto gently bit down.

"That's it. That's bloody it!" Jack roared, flipping Ianto over and straddling his chest.

As Jack proceeded to "whip" Ianto about the face with his engorged cock, Ianto screamed and whimpered, although the occasional giggle escaped as well.

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