Chapter 62

The ride over to Rhiannon's was restful for Ianto, who was sure he would never tire of the soft ache in his bones for his beautiful husband, who was still waxing lyrical about the snow.

"Back in the States the snow got so thick one year that we were stuck inside the house. Dad had to climb out of the attic window and dig down to the backdoor so we could get out. God, I love snow!" Jack enthused as he swung into Rhiannon's driveway.

Ianto was out of the vehicle before Jack even realised there was a problem, and he recognised the raised voices with a groan. He quickly followed his husband into the house.

Johnny stood toe to toe with Gray, who was barring the hallway. Gray's hands were firmly splayed on either side of the hallway walls, and he was braced for a fight. Behind him, Rhiannon was weeping, and the mark on her face she was rubbing with her hand was surely from a slap. Ianto calmly reached around Johnny and decked him. Hard.

Johnny bounced off the wall with a thud and a loud exhale of air as Ianto's fist loosened several of his teeth. Ianto followed it up with a knee to his gut as he struggled to maintain his footing.

"You, ya bloody Hooligan. Should have known you'd defend her. You and ya poofter-"

This time Ianto didn't hold back and allowed his shoulder to follow through as he knocked Johnny down the hallway towards Jack, who was still frozen in the doorway.

"Actually fuckhead, I'm a Hoodlum, not a hooligan. A hooligan is just a yobbo whereas I'm a soldier of the Hoodlum Clan and I will fucking disappear you if you ever touch my sister again," Ianto spoke slowly and politely as he sometimes did to school classes at the library.

"And as for the poofter remark. If you mean me. It's actually Detective Jack Harkness-Jones, Torchwood division. Ask around. The disappearing bit is not a threat. It's so doable right about now it's a promise, you son of a bitch." Jack swung the fat man around on his hip and propelled him out the door.

Johnny landed in the snow and howled with rage. He began to stand but froze at the sound of a low growl.

"You bad man Unca Jono. You hurt my Aunty Rhi-rhi. You bad! Myfanwy eats bad men!" Walter's voice was loud and true as he stood holding his dog by her collar at the side of the house.

Mica and David stood behind him as David comforted his distraught sister and Walter tilted his head defiantly. Jack saw the Jones Stare as Walter released the dog, and was too shocked to issue a counter command.

She bounded across the snow and Johnny gave a high pitched shriek as he turned to run. For a fat man he was surprisingly agile, and the way he threw himself headfirst over the fence was quite athletic.

Ianto shouted the disengage command, and she paused then dropped to the ground, growling at the one who had upset her baby.

As Jack ushered his family back inside, he paused to look back at the dog who waited in case her meal came back.

Good girl.

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