Chapter 63

Rhiannon was still shaking, and Ianto watched with a critical eye as Gray comforted her with a gentle hug.

"He came storming in here shouting the odds. Demanding the children and that's when he saw me. He just went nuts," Gray informed them as Rhiannon sighed into his chest.

"Rhia, you OK now, sis?" Ianto asked softly.

"God, we had such a nice day yesterday. Now this," she sniffed.

The wail of a siren could be heard in the distance, and Jack rolled his eyes before nodding at Ianto to stay there.

As the Heddlu drew up to the kerb, Jack wandered out to meet them.

"Hey Captain!" called Andy as he slipped getting out of the vehicle. "Bloody snow."

"Yeah. Great, huh?" Jack grinned, and Kathy laughed from the other side of the vehicle.

"We got a call about a kidnapping. Seemed a bit strange." Andy drew level and grinned at Jack.

"My sister-in-law's estranged husband came around for a visit with the kids but forgot to ask permission first. Then he became angry when he saw my brother there to collect my son, who Mrs Davies had been babysitting," Jack gave his account. "My husband became angry when the complainant assaulted Mrs Davies, his sister. He forcibly removed the man from the immediate scene and I proceeded to remove him from the house. Myfanwy then escorted him from the property."

At the mention of the dog, both officers looked around, hastily backpedalling towards the gate, and Jack laughed as he waved his hand. "It's OK. She's around the back with the children."

"Did they witness the attack?" Kathy growled.

"They saw him hit her!" Ianto called out as he strode towards them.

Andy straightened a bit as he watched Ianto approach with large sweeping strides like he was walking on top of the snow.

"They ran outside when he hit her. My boy set the dog on him. I'd have set her to attack mode. Thankfully he doesn't know the command or he may have given it. They are very upset." Ianto snarled.

"Hello Toto," Andy said, cordially holding out his hand.

"Andy Pandy?" Ianto laughed, accepting the handshake.

"Well, shit. You're the Ianto who married the Captain here?" Andy crooked a thumb at Jack.

"Yep. Best cover ever. All those speeding tickets," Ianto said wistfully.

"Not to mention that bloody possession charge! Shit, never did thank you for taking that one for me," Andy laughed.

Ianto laughed and clapped Andy on the back as another vehicle slid in beside the Heddlu car. John Hart stepped out of the driver's side with dark glasses hiding yesterday's damage while Gwen practically fell from the passenger side with her bloodshot eyes filling her face.

"Ah, hello my little party animals," Jack laughed as they stomped over.

"Stuff it Harkness!" Gwen huffed as she pulled her jacket around herself.

"Harkness-Jones, thank you. Gwen? Or do you have a stripper name picked now?" Jack asked pleasantly.

"Oh she chose one, Jack. Before she fell off the pole, remember?" Ianto frowned at her.

"God, I'm sorry about that. Too much champers, pet." She smiled apologetically at Ianto, who grinned.

"Bit late for that, Cantaloupe Jane," Ianto drawled, and she remembered the dress malfunction with a shocked gasp.

Hart started to snort but stopped when Ianto's stare found him. "As for you, little cherub. You're lucky I didn't drown you in that bloody fountain!"

"Hey, come on. At least I was entertaining, man!" John grinned as Jack made slashing motions at his throat behind Ianto's back.

What John didn't know was that the first proofs had been sent through by the photographer and Ianto had seen the "Fountain shot".

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