Chapter 64

Ianto left Walter with the Harkness brothers, who were spoiling him rotten in front of the telly, and headed to reception to check on the clean-up.

Tosh looked up as he strolled into the main hall and she patted Owen on the ankle as he strained near the top of the ladder to reach the balloon caught in the rafters.

"Looking good," Ianto smiled, amazed at the condition that was nothing like the bomb site he'd left the night before with a drunken Mr Handsy-Jack.

"Ta. I work out," Owen preened, shaking his bum as Ianto snorted with mirth.

"Look at these fittings. Must be hell to … shit! There's a mezzanine walkway up here. What the fuck am I doing up a ladder?" Owen demanded.

Ianto stepped around the ladder and looked up. Owen was right. This must have been the walkway to clean the feature windows. The sleeping quarters were on the upper level to the right of the main doors. This was a feature Ianto hadn't seen and he now noted that there seemed to be a small room at the end, above the entrance. With a cry of delight, he raced for the stairs.

Owen looked down at Tosh and grinned. He could see right down her blouse and wow, she was gorgeous. He looked back up and Ianto's excited face was close enough to touch as he crouched between the railings of the mezzanine safety rail.

"Have to get this fixed. Walt could fit through," Ianto muttered with a wink before disappearing.

"Huh? Walter?" Owen looked down at Tosh again but she was watching with horror as Ianto calmly hopped up onto the railing and then began to walk across the main beam supporting the huge chandelier.

"Ianto? Please get down," she begged.

"It's OK. Gymnast at school and parkour enthusiast in my youth. I love heights!" Ianto crowed.

This was when Jack entered with Walter in tow. He looked up at his husband in disbelief.

"Hon? What are you doing?" Jack asked with as calm a voice as he could manage.

"It's OK. No birds' nests. Means the gables are intact," Ianto called back.

"What, Yan?" Jack called out as he looked at Owen with confusion.

"Have to check the listing. If it's heritage it'll be a bit more work," came the faint reply.

Jack finally got what was happening and began to look around himself. Ianto was thinking of buying this as their next home? Jack thought about it for a few beats and then grinned. All this land attached, and the huge back yard? Yep, doable. With an architect in the family, this could be converted into quite the home.

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