Chapter 67

The house warming was tomorrow, and Ianto wanted one more coat on the doorframes upstairs. He had left his family at his sister's, where Walter was having a sleepover with his cousins.

The footsteps on the stairs were unmistakably Jack's as his boots thumped closer and closer. Ianto closed the lid to the paint pot and thumped it down as Jack entered what would soon be his office.

Unlike the rest of the house, there was no red in here. Police-box blue Tongue n Groove walls with white trim and a skylight nearly the size of the roof would make it light and airy by day, but now in the dark it was downright ethereal as the moonlight streamed in. The window was round and looked out over the front yard. Perfect for seeing the comings and goings of the street. How Ianto knew he was a watcher he didn't know, but he already had the layout of his office in his head.

Jack flopped onto the floor where his desk would be, and looked up at the stars. Ianto joined him on the wooden floor and cuddled into his side.

"Love you," Ianto whispered, and Jack kissed him in response.

Jack reached for the front of the overalls and found to his extreme delight that Ianto was naked inside his paint-splattered wrapping.

"You minx," he moaned, and Ianto laughed.

"But I'm hot, cariad" Ianto complained, and Jack laughed as well.

"Oh Tiger, you are so bloody hot there are not words!" Jack growled, and Ianto's groan of pleasure as Jack found his cock took his breath for a moment.

They were soon both naked as they officially christened their home and the first of (hopefully) all the rooms. Jack slid down Ianto's body as he pleaded softly to his husband to stop being such a fucking tease, and Jack sniggered as he licked the cock from base to tip and Ianto laughed disjointedly as Jack took a deep breath and swallowed him down.

Jack prepared Ianto with first one finger, then two, and finished with three, finger-fucking him as the begging gave way to breathy moans and occasionally Jack's name.

Jack positioned himself above his bossy bottom and pushed in. As Ianto sighed with relief, Jack couldn't agree more.

This was home.

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