Chapter 8

Rhia had been bundled into an ambulance and Ianto had been relieved when she'd started to regain consciousness.

Although she was confused she was able to confirm to Jack that she had sat down to wait for the kettle to boil and that was the last thing she remembered.

Ianto had called her husband so he could meet the ambulance at the hospital, and Jack kicked himself for not even knowing that she was married. Why had he not asked these questions?

When Ianto told the person on the other end of the phone that the neighbours might take the kids, Jack realised she was a mother as well.

Ianto was so quiet and still as he sat curled up in the corner of his big sofa, hugging his little boy to his chest like he was about to be taken away from him, that Jack could barely contain his anger.

Jack was unsure if anything had been taken as he was still new to the house and Ianto was too shocked to move, so he had taken Ianto's phone and called Tosh, who had come bursting through the door soon after the call shouting Ianto's name.

She threw herself onto the sofa and pulled the stricken man into her arms, Walter nodding sleepily against his shoulder.

"Toshi, someone hurt my Rhi-rhi," Ianto whispered as he shook in her arms.

She looked at Jack with rage at her friend's condition and he joined them, sitting on the arm as Ianto shifted to lean back against him.

"Tosh, could you have a quick look around and see if you can see anything out of place?" Jack asked and was satisfied with her nod as she rose to inspect the house.

Jack watched his colleagues as they dusted, catalogued and made notes. This was the first time he'd felt like a victim and been the one being examined and it did not feel good at all.

Ianto had stopped shaking and was now dozing off against Jack, who was absently rubbing his back with one hand while talking with Gwen, who had come to help when the call went out even though she was off duty. The adrenaline wearing off had this effect on Ianto, as Jack had learnt last time.

Jack had never advertised his bisexuality and couldn't help but wonder what some of them thought as they wandered around watching him comfort Ianto. He then realised that he didn't care what they thought. With this revelation he leant down, kissing Ianto as he sighed in Jack's embrace.

Tosh had returned in time to witness the snog, and grinned as she watched Ianto be so uncharacteristically affectionate in public. She knew Ianto was hoping for more than friendship by the way he had panicked through the outfitting for the date, but to actually see them together was a bit surprising - not even Lisa got public kisses, and here was Ianto snogging a man in his living room while strangers paraded through his house.

Tosh confirmed that she saw nothing out of place and could see nothing missing.

Jack decided Ianto had suffered enough for one night when he realised that Ianto had fallen asleep against him, and declared the crime scene closed. Tosh and Gwen helped shoo people out as he took the little bub from Ianto's arms and carried Walter down to the master bedroom. Placing him in the middle of the bed with pillows, he then walked back to the main room where Ianto was still asleep.

Reminded of their first time on that sofa, Jack smiled as he once again carried Ianto into the bedroom to place him beside the snoozing tot. Then, after a moment's indecision, he removed his boots and joined them on the other side of Walter.

Just for a few minutes, Jack told himself as he drifted off. Gotta keep them safe.

Ianto woke in the night disorientated and afraid until he realised a hand was gripping his own across his baby's chest.

The smell of cinnamon donuts by the seaside filled Ianto's senses, and even as he drifted off he smiled into the darkness. Jack

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