5 Red Bladesinger Series

Chapter 2

Tosh was watching Ianto and he could feel her eyes on him as he crossed the room with the tray of drinks. With a 'silence' stare he warned her to stop. She looked down quickly and shuffled her papers.

During their morning sparring session he had frightened her and she found her mind wandering.

Ianto was laughing as he danced around her easily flicking her blade aside and then he was suddenly on his knees gasping as the blade's bite caught him on the hip.

Although he had assured her it was not a deep score and it was entirely his own fault as he hadn't recalibrated his body mass with the baby making him heavier, it only made her feel worse. When he said that if he had taken a moment to remember he was nearly four months gone he would have pivoted more to compensate for his extra girth she could have screamed.

Tosh was still beating herself up as she was the mathematician who really should have thought of this and compensated her swings as well. God, how stupid could she be to actually spar with a pregnant man. Jack's pregnant man no less.

Jack had noticed Tosh's discomfort as well as the way Ianto had glared at her as he bent with the tray and he smelt a rat. As Owen droned on about something boring and Gwen asked questions like she understood the blah blah he waited for Ianto to get close enough and then, as Ianto lent to place his coffee in front of him he reached out and grabbed him.

His intention had been to pull him onto his lap and tickle the secret from him but Ianto's sharp bark of pain stopped the entire room who then zoomed in on him as he struggled to escape the hands already pulling at his clothes.

"Yo, Tea-boy what have you done now?" Owen rounded the table and helped Jack uncover the bandage covering Ianto's left hip.

"Oh God" Jack cried, rising on horror.

"It's just a scratch, really" Ianto protested trying to wriggle free.

"What happened?" Jack yelled, getting angry now.

"A simple accident, just a stupid mistake that was all mine!" Ianto knew he had made a mistake as Jack's eyes narrowed.

"So who do I not blame then?" Jack asked quietly.

"No-one, I told you I made a mistake," Ianto growled pushing at Jack to let him go.

"Me" Toshiko said softly making Owen gasp with surprise.

"Tosh, no!" Ianto warned but Jack had already released him and had crossed the room to her.

"What do you mean? How could you have done that?" Jack was confused and it showed on his face.

"We were sparing and …"Tosh began to explain.

"WHAT!" Jack roared into her face.

He then turned to shout at Ianto. He roared his anger and rage in Ianto's direction only to be cut off by Hart's bark of warning.

John stepped between the men and pulled Ianto to him, shielding him from Jack and Jack saw his fear. Ianto was shaking as Hart talked soothingly to him and patted his shoulder. He had never seen Ianto so afraid of him and he felt terrible.

"Hey," Jack reached for Ianto's hands, "Hey, an accident yeah? But hon, sparing in your condition?"

"You don't let me out if the hub in daylight even though I'm not even bloody showing, I can't even help with the retrievals. You refuse to let me catalogue anything in case it's contaminated and yesterday you made me spend the whole day on the bloody couch going over those files. I was going stir crazy." Ianto worked his bottom lip and as Jack's eyes widened he knew he had won.

"I need to keep some training in, I'm getting so fat!" Ianto wailed with a wobbly bottom lip now.

"Oh Babe, I'm sorry," Jack pandered and Ianto tried not to smile as Jack pulled him into a hug.

"Oh, Jack I'm sorry. Don't be angry with me you know how I hate to disappoint you," Ianto was not crying but his whole body shook. Jack held him tight and kissed his hair.

With a wink at Tosh that was not lost on John Hart Ianto finally gave a loud sniff.

Jack immediately renewed his murmurings of love telling Ianto he was gorgeous and cute. A real sexy man. With his arms tight around him and his hands rubbing Ianto's back Ianto nuzzled into Jack's neck.

"Need you daddy," he whispered with a soft whine and nip of the skin.

Jack gave a yelp and then moaned with lust.

"Oh, wow." John whispered as he watched Jack become totally pliant in Ianto's hands. Rubbing against him and softly pleading for skin contact while pulling at Ianto's clothes.

"Time to go" Owen yelped springing for the door with a giggling Gwen following.

Tosh moved slower with one eye on her brother and the other on John Hart who had started to slowly circle the couple.

With a snarl she leapt. Her blade sung a high single note of warning as it cut through the air to clip John's chin and land at his pulse point.

"Touch my brother and I will gut you like a fish" she hissed, her fangs small but delicately curved like a snake.

John's squeal of surprise was drowned out by Ianto's roar as he also turned, pushing John behind him and slipping effortlessly into a fighting pose.

"Really? Him too big brother?" she gasped lowering her blade to his crotch instead, "he's touched you with his dirty little body?"

"Oi! I have a lovely little body!" John defended then realised how that sounded," I mean Big, Big BBIIGGGG Body!"

"wait a bloody god blasted minute!" Owen barked.

"Owen … Out!" three vices said at once.

With a muttered oath or two Owen stomped off.

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