5 Red Bladesinger Series

Chapter 3

It was supposed to be a shopping spree. A little sumthin-sumthin. Ianto had been unwavering in his demands to go "nest" before he was too large to hide his bulk from public view.

Jack remembered the self-imposed segregation the first time and how moody Ianto was the last four months of the pregnancy so saw no harm in indulging him. Learning that Bladesingers hoard and nest had been a surprise and to learn this little fact late in the game with Miller, when Ianto only had on-line shopping had been a right royal pain in the proverbial. The chance to let him indulge his cravings for little fluffy things seemed a small token for the following months of lock down he will endure all over again.

Let's face it. Was he ever going to say no to that pout? Especially since Ianto had played dirty pool by making the request while naked, dripping wet from the shower with his "barely there" bump cradled in his hands. Damn, he was gonna be the death of him … several times over, Jack had thought as he had dropped to his knees at Ianto's feet already licking his lips.

So here they were. Gwen ahead of him pretending it was her up the duff so they could explain why they were in "Baby n' Me" filling several trollies with the most gorgeous things Ianto had ever seen. Poor bloody Rhys was not gonna know what hit him when she finally did pop one out.

He knew the gushing over the little cream with brown trim teddy bear stretch-in-grow (that even had a tail on its little butt to match the ears on the hood) was a bit excessive, but the girls hadn't called him on it. Tosh was pushing a trolley with "Mommy" Gwen ahead of him complaining about her ankles again.

This is how it came to this point. Ianto was not expecting the rough hands that grabbed him from behind slamming the chloroform soaked cloth over his mouth or the punch to his head as he bit into the fingers holding said cloth but as he slipped away he did know the battle cry from Tosh was right on time.

Jack doesn't remember the drive to the store, even now. One minute he was in his office, the next in the store pacing like a wild animal.

Tosh had met them with a sword in her hand, not Ianto's. Hers? The one from the meeting a month ago. The TW1 sword from his secure lock-up. Huh! Jack realised that he had completely forgotten that weird day and his Welshman had conned him yet again. Gwen was sobbing and inconsolable. The dead goon Tosh had gutted was no help but the second one wasn't dead yet. Jack looked at the injuries and saw he would live.

Right. CCTV first, pound the fucker later. The office was silent as the tape played, black and white without volume.

The large blonde man grabs Ianto who struggles. The cloth over his face visible and the man lashes out, cuffing Ianto in the side of the head. Jack growls. Ianto slumps in the man's arms as Tosh turns and crouches, a large red blade extending down her arm. With a sweep of her arm the goon by Gwen falls. OK, so that's the one we'll call fish. As in Gutted like. She pivots the blade with a flick of her wrist and slams it behind her into goon two who steps into view as Gwen falls against the shelving. Ianto is dragged out of camera view as goon two grabs Tosh's hair and swings her into Gwen. Toshiko slams her shoulder in the sword and it exits goon two's chest. He finally falls. Ianto is gone.

Jack is silent and still. Tosh is making strangled noises in her throat as she taps her toe against the leg of goon two again and again. He sits leaning against the wall waiting to die. Looking up at Captain Jack Harkness he could swear he is glowing, his rage palpable in the early evening light.

Hart is walking between the rows flashing in and out of sight, Mickey and Martha following him as he rages at the world in general. With each flash of them Mickey is disarming yet another weapon. Gun. Gun. Laser. Mini-bazooka? Gun. Switchblade. Gun with blinking lights. Grenade getting pin replaced. Gun.

"Where will he take him?" Jack finally hisses through clenched teeth.

The goon regards him silently with a smirk, which changes to a grimace as Toshiko moves her foot to step down on his thigh.

"Think long and hard. " Jack is calm. He is ice. He is a glacier. "Where were you told to take him?"

Goon two shakes his head and closes his eyes. Tosh lets her heel slide until it nestles in his groin area. As she puts her full weight on her stiletto he finally makes a sound, and it's not pretty or very melodic.

"Just so you know, I'm not going to kill you," Jack purrs in a strangely carefree way, "No. If my mate or the child is hurt … she will."

Jack watches the goon's eyes widen at the statement and Tosh leans closer to hear what he is trying to say. A gargle. Tosh leans back and releases his gonads.

"What kid? We were told only to grab your bit of pretty." He finally gasped out.

"My bond-mate. My soul keeper. MY HEART!" Jack roared. Then cleared his throat and shook it off. His smile returns as if by magic and he leans in again as though sharing a secret with a confidant.

"Ianto is with child. He is twenty weeks pregnant and if you or your inept friends hurt my family I will not be remembering you on the Christmas list" Jack's grin is feral, tinged with insanity.

Too late the goon recognises his doom and his screams of mercy as he begs for his life makes Toshiko smile as she works, in the same way a viper might before it devours its meal.

He has told all he knows, babbled, pleaded, and screamed. Now as Jack walks away he has nothing left but his final breath, which Toshiko breathes in as she pulls her blade back out of his throat. Her eyes gleaming ruby red, her lips curled back in a snarl. Owen is turned on by her erotic behaviour.

Whereas John is … well a hot mess. Alternating between threatening to kill everyone, no matter how many guns they take from him he keeps producing another, and begging for Ianto to be safe.

Jack was surprised at the name given. This "Bug" had been shaken down months ago and Jack had been sure they'd shut him down. To learn he had been planning to use Ianto as leverage for rights to sell in Cardiff was mind boggling. He clearly had no idea what shit-storm he had called up. Time to reap the whirlwind mother-fucker.

As the SUV scams up the small land Jack checks his weapon for the third time. His hands are shaking. Oh shit, Gods keep my babies safe and my aim true.

The London town house seems vacant but Tosh scents the air before stating factually that "Blood is here". Although her eyes have stopped glowing the pupils are still blown and flecked with flames, the sword has yet to disappear and Jack is surprised at how easily he accepted the revelation that she was also of Bladesinger decent.

Owen is too busy trying to sedate Hart who has managed to knock Mickey unconscious and is now battling both Owen and Martha in the back seat, his need to rush the house overruling logic.

Jack checks his gun one more time (for luck, I swear) and then looks up as the sound of breaking glass shatters the air. A head has slammed out the upstairs window and can be seen amid the falling glass, then is pulled viciously back through the glass and the spray of arterial blood is like a fountain back out the open hole left behind.

Moments later a blue tipped blade swings in an arc out the window and back in cutting through the wooden frame like it was butter. A high pitched scream is heard which raises in tempo and pitch then falters and dies.

"Ah, there he is" Jack says calmly as though seeing him across the room at a party.

With a grin he starts up the steps calling over his shoulder "Coming?"

Hart is out of the SUV, Owen landing in the dirt as Hart steps over him while checking his own weapon.

"Come on Red, let's party" he growls at Toshiko who matches his swagger into the dwelling.

As Owen slowly rises to his feet more screams and shouts are heard, punctuated with shots fired and shrieks of pain. Martha cowers in the SUV, Mickey's head in her lap as she tries to block out the sound of slaughter.

After what seems like an age a hand touches her cheek and she opens her eyes.

"It's over babe" Owen says softly and she recognises the silence.

Hart exits first, all swagger and a gun in his left hand, Katana in his right. Tosh is a step behind with her own blade still glowing red from its feast pointed at the ground angled away from her jimmy-choo shoes so the droplets of blood don't stain her kicks. Finally Jack stumbles out, Ianto on his arms.

"Oh God," Martha pushes past Owen who looks back and sees Ianto, his shout echoing hers as he struggles to reach them with Martha.

"He's in shock … Jack he's overwrought, put him down" Owen orders and Jack drops to his knees.

"Martha, check his vitals, I'll check sweetie" Owen barked, already pulling Ianto's top up to expose the belly.

Jack wonders idly when Owen started calling his unborn child that then realises that it doesn't matter. Sweetie. Love, precious. Just call it alive.

"I've got a beat, strong and true" he finally crows with pride like it's his own baby.

Jack let a sob escape. He'll allow one, then scoops Ianto back into his arms ignoring Owen and Martha as they chastise him for stopping their checks.

He's OK. They're OK.

Ianto's soft breath against his neck as he snuggles in is all Jack needs to survive.

As they head back to Cardiff Ianto starts to rouse, asking for Miller and bemoaning the blood they are wiping from their clothes all over the seats.

Jack laughs even as the tears flow. Bugger the leather, he'll do much worse to these back seats as soon as they're able he informs Ianto with a life affirming snog.

Owen's howl of horror is drowned out my Hart's laughter as they speed down the dark road home.

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