5 Red Bladesinger Series

Chapter 4

Ianto was drifting in the warm embrace of his lovers. John had been more than insistent, he had actually begged to be allowed to stay, to reassure himself that Ianto and the baby were OK.

Jack had finally given in when Ianto had used his tried and tested lip wobble.

John opened his eyes and stared into Ianto's. Jack was spooning Ianto from behind and was rubbing his belly with slow gentle swirls. Ianto smiled and stifled a yawn.

John lent in and kissed him. Hard. His hand reaching out to stroke his cheek. Ianto froze with surprise as he felt John's hard-on pressing between his legs and couldn't stifle the groan of lust.

Jack slept as Ianto gently rolled back into his embrace more, allowing John access to him. With lip licking anticipation John shuffled down the bed to take Ianto's manhood in his mouth.

Ianto's groans were like a drug spurring him on. Gods, too much stimulation.

Surging back up the bed John pulled Ianto from Jack's arms and further down the bed onto pillows, as he forced himself into him and Ianto barked with pleasure/pain as he was breached with very little preparation.

John couldn't help it. He couldn't stop. Kissing, cuddling, and thrusting. So good. So good.

Jack woke to the feeling of the bed shaking and looked over to see John fucking his mate, he couldn't believe his eyes. Wow.

Ianto's hair fanned out on the bed and his head was thrown back in ecstasy as John bit and nuzzled his throat. His mouth was open and his fangs fully extended as he panted and groaned.

John was being rough, the whole bed shook and Ianto cried out occasionally as he thrust extra deep. Jack crawled over and touched Ianto's face. He opened his eyes and looked at Jack for a second then reached for him with the nearest hand, come play.

Jack gave a gleeful giggle and he reached for Ianto's erection as it pulsed on his stomach. Deep throating him was lovely and Ianto gave a deep scream of pleasure as he gently bit down at the base.

Surging up, Jack slipped behind to spear John with a sigh of pleasure. John froze with shock as he felt Jack pushing into him and began to shudder with delight. Oh lover.

The three men writhed and panted until John couldn't hold back, screaming Ianto's name as he pushed so deep that Ianto moved up the bed, shooting his seed deep into him. Ianto's scream of delight set Jack off, crying out Ianto's name as well, pounding haphazardly into John who was blissfully comatose in Ianto's arms.

Jack pulled John off who grunted and settled, then deep throated Ianto again. He came almost immediately crying out as he filled Jack's mouth again and again with sweet salty goodness.

The three settled back to sleep as the baby kicked gently then settled too.

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