5 Red Bladesinger Series

Chapter 5

Ianto felt bilious and in need of the toilet as well. He rushed into the bathroom, barely making it as he began vomiting.

John had heard him running overhead as he still hadn't sorted the soundproofing, the sound of lovemaking drifting through the pipes too delicious. With a frown he travelled up to the next level to investigate the trampling.

John found Ianto on his knees talking to the porcelain gods. Shit. John scooped his hair back and rubbed his back remembering another lover in the same position.

Shit! Jack. He quickly sent a message on his VM and hoped Jack wasn't too far away. Ianto was getting greener by the minute and was now groaning between surges. Finally he fell back into John's arms, spent and definitely empty as he continued to dry heave pitifully.

John turned on the shower and scooped Ianto into his arms. With soft kisses to his forehead he walked into the shower, clothes and all. Ianto cried out as the cold water hit him but then relaxed as the tension waned.

John spoke to him softly, comforting and soothing him as he carefully began removing his clothes. Ianto was in too much pain to care, groaning as John went to put him down. The discarded clothes formed a nest that he settled Ianto into as he ripped his own clothes off, down to his underwear.

The bang downstairs and screams of Ianto's name repeated as they grew nearer told John that Jack had arrived and he shook his head in amazement at his ex-partner's apparent panicking and called out that they were in the shower.

Jack roared into the room and straight into the water, dropping to kiss Ianto as he shakily stroked the baby shifting in Ianto's extended belly.

Now there were three wet men in the shower in various stages of undress as Jack shucked his braces and tore his shirt off frantically, adding it to the impromptu nest.

Owen was a few moments behind, weighed down by the medical kit he was dragging up the stairs. He stood with his mouth open staring at the three men and then shook his head, reaching for a towel.

"Yes! Good, get more" Jack shouted snatching it from him.

Owen shook his head and pulled an arm full from the cupboard only to have Jack grab those too, straight into the water.

"OI!" Owen roared.

"He's still soaring!" John yelled, turning the water to full volume as it pelted down in them.

"SHIT!" Jack cried, "NO!"

"Will someone please tell me what the hell is fucking going on?" Owen demanded.

"Ianto is rejecting the baby" John sobbed, looking around desperately as if the answer was a fingertip away.

Jack cried out again and ran from the room leaving Ianto sobbing quietly in the nest of fabrics.

"Bedding, we need a bigger nest, gotta coddle him … Owen!" John panted, "Quick Owen, we could lose them both."

Owen ran back into the bedroom and pulled the blankets from the bed and after a moment's hesitation he grabbed the pillows too, struggling back into the shower with his armful of "Nest" materials.

John tucked everything around Ianto and held him gently in his arms, kissing his face, neck, hair and rubbed his hands.

"A little longer my little dove" he crooned as Jack reappeared with his arms full of bags of ice. John's eyes lit up and he jumped to his feet, kissing Jack soundly then helped tuck the ice around a blue and shaking Ianto.

"Shit! Any longer and he'll be hyper thermic" Owen barked

"Yeah, that's the plan" John said absently as he leaned in to kiss Ianto again.

After a while Ianto stopped shaking, presenting with early hyperthermia and John sat back to watch the belly moving in front of him.

"Come on sweetie, come on. Be good for Papa" John crooned as he waited.

Jack stared at him with confusion across his face and then he stalled out. It suddenly all made sense.

As Ianto panted and groaned softly the belly stopped undulating and John cheered with glee. He turned to Jack to congratulate him on their success at staving off the miscarriage when Jack flew at him, smashing his fist into John's unsuspecting nose.

He howled with pain and fell back against the wall and Ianto screamed with horror, trying to get between the two men. Jack threw another punch, catching Ianto on the side of his head as he leaned between them and he fell back into the nest with a cry of alarm.

John calmly pulled his gun and aimed it at Jack's head.

"Just cos it's not permanent, doesn't mean I care any less lover" he snarled as he aimed between Jack's eyes.

Ianto had started to pull the wet duvet over himself as he wept and shook in the bedding while Owen tried to check his injury.

"Fuck, he's bleeding" Owen spat, glaring at Jack.

Jack stared at his own fist with confusion, how did that just happen? Then he glared back at John.

"That thing is yours!" Jack snarled pointing at the sad lump moving under the bedding.

"Fine! I'll take him!" John answered with a huff.

"Thing? Did you just call Ianto a thing?" a voice hissed, "Give him away like an unwanted pet?"

"What?" Jack turned as Gwen stood in the doorway with rage crossing her features.

Jack sat back in shock, what the hell was happening?

"Yours. The baby. That's why he's rejecting it isn't it?" Jack said to John. "My baby was fine! Yours is different DNA, not his mate!"

"Mine." Another voice chimed in softly. "He's mine!"

"The baby? It's a boy?" John said as Ianto's face appeared.

"No ya Twpsyn! You. Mine." Ianto sighed as his eyelids slid shut.

"You claiming me sweet?" John gasped with undisguised glee.

"Yes. Mine. Jack is my nest-mate and you are my nest-mate too" Ianto said as Gwen turned off the water and looked at the men.

"You saying they're both your mate?" she clarified.

"I was hoping. It's our bladesinger way for polygamous families but … it never occurred to me that Jack didn't care for my heritage." Ianto picked at the soggy duvet. "Inviting John into my nest meant … well I suppose I assumed since it was Jack who wanted him to … well Ianto strikes out in love again … and once again I am headed for defeat."

"It's OK. If he doesn't want this baby we can … I mean, do you want … my baby girl needs a family and I don't know what to do." He buried himself again as he started to sob.

"Bastard! Two mothers and still you judge, you fucking bastard!" John snarled at Jack, "Or did you forget about Grey? Did your father love him any less because he came from the other bond-partner that didn't bear you? Fucker!"

Jack opened his mouth but looked at Ianto and shook his head, still shocked.

Ianto's sobs had tapered off and they all looked around at the chaos then John cried out, reaching for the blankets and hurling them behind him.

Ianto lay in a heap, deceptively small despite the large belly. Still and pale against the nesting material with his eyes closed.

"Sweets? Toto?" John's hands were shaking as he touched him then drew back with alarm.

"I don't think he's breathing" he wailed, looking to Owen who fell to his knees not caring about the wet.

"Shit, he's not!" He panted, pulling Ianto flat onto his back as Jack's world dropped from beneath him, "FUCK! He's Coding!"

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