5 Red Bladesinger Series

Chapter 6

Jack watched silently as Owen did chest compressions on his love.

Ianto's belly seemed huge against his frame as Owen grunted with the exertions. He then leant down to breathe into Ianto's mouth and paused as Ianto gasped.

Owen swore and quickly flipped Ianto onto his side as Ianto coughed and struggled weakly.

"Easy mate, easy. You forgot to breathe there buddy!" Owen soothed.

"No. No-one's mate" Ianto choked out and John moaned.

"Mine! You're mine! I love you Sweetie, I claim you!" John sobbed as he tried to pick Ianto up but Jack pushed him away.

"Mine first! Shit! Ianto what did I do? I love you and our baby" Jack looked up and took John's hand as it clutched Ianto's. "OUR baby."

"Really?" Ianto smiled and Jack nodded.

"Good? Happy? We all fucking sweet now?" Owen snarled at everyone "Because my patient was just dead for a wee minute or two and this unborn baby needs to be checked!"

Tosh was walking back and forth with Miller in her arms.

She had refused to hand him over to anyone and Miller now nodded sleepily against her shoulder as she tried to stay calm.

Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. The air was wrong, bad.

After what seemed like an eternity Owen walked into the room. He was wet and Gwen followed as she handed him a towel.

"He's okay. The baby doesn't seem stressed but I'm ordering bed rest for the next few days to be on the safe side. That was too fucking close!" Owen slumped into a nearby hair and rubbed furiously at his hair with the towel.

"Fucking mad. Seems our alien-boy had decided one husband isn't enough. He needs two. Only problem was that he forgot to tell said men he wanted them both like a polygamist!" Owen barked with laughter.

"He's Okay? Baby too?" Tosh repeated with relief.

"Is that all you heard?" Owen groused.

"All I need to hear Owen" she smiled as she flounced out of the room to see for herself.

"Yeah. Ta very much Owen. Nice fucking job Owen." Owen muttered to himself.

When John Hart flew into the room and kissed Owen soundly he forgot all about the slight.

Ianto had to endure bed rest for at least two more days. Owen didn't like his colour. His bloody colour? I'm a fucking alien what the hell does he know about what colour is appropriate?

He thought he might die of boredom in less than two more hours let alone two whole days.

Miller was dozing next to him in the bed and he watched his little boy shift in his sleep.

At least someone was happy with the arrangement as Miller reached a little hand for Ianto's hair once more.

The door swung open and Jack entered carrying a tray. Ianto realised he was hungry and he struggled to sit up as Jack neared the bed.

"Oh no you don't" John said as he followed Jack into the room and rushed to help Ianto.

"Bed Rest John. Not a bloody drug-induced comma" Ianto groaned.

"Just didn't want you to over exert yourself Toto" John kissed Ianto's forehead as he tucked another pillow behind Ianto's back.

"Oh! She's kicking. She's happy to see you both!" Ianto cooed and flapped his hand at them.

Jack quickly put the tray down and the two men placed their hands over the bump which pushed and undulated for them.

John looked over their joined hands at Jack who was grinning back.

"Ours" Jack whispered.

"Yeah! Always Jax" John sighed back wistfully.

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