5 Red Bladesinger Series

Chapter 7

The nursery was bright pinks and oranges that made your eyes water. The purple spots seemed to break it up somehow and that didn't seem quite right.

Ianto HATED it with a passion but the two idiots had spent so much time on it as a surprise that he didn't know how to tell them so he stood there making small noises he hoped were sounding positive as they eagerly showed him around.

"See the changing table Toto?" John pointed like he might think it was a bloody elephant or something if he hadn't named it "I put that together!"


"Yeah? Well I painted the mural!" Jack grinned as he waved his arm at the splotches of bright … um. Flowers?

"Lovely Cariad, so bright" Ianto tried.

"Yeah, all girls like butterflies!" Jack enthused. Oh. That's what they are.

"And the purple?" Ianto pointed. Why not, they were!

"Stars" two voices said at once and Ianto again grunted.

"You hate it" Jack said softly and John groaned.

"No, no. I'm just a bit … overwhelmed" Ianto chocked out.

"See? Told ya!" John enthused, "Perfect for our little rosebud."

"NO!" Jack barked.

"Jack?" Ianto placed his hand on Jack's arm.

"Not Rose. She … No." Jack sighed.

"No. Not Rose. Our little flower is rarer than a Rose" John agreed as he placed his hand over Ianto's.

Jack smiled his thanks as he looked around again with glee.

The changing table gave a jolt as a bolt fell to the floor and John made a small noise in his throat as he rushed to replace it. Jack followed spouting advice.

Ianto silently schemed.

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