5 Red Bladesinger Series

Chapter 8

Ianto was restless as he wandered the house alone.

A rift storm had been brewing for weeks and now it had erupted over the city spewing filth and alien vermin like the seven plagues across Cardiff.

Everyone had mobilized to fight the threat, even Unit had hastily sequestered itself to Torchwood without the usual fanfare involved and two very tearful men had left their heavily pregnant mate to answer the call.

Ianto knew they were safe. Stinky Snot Bag was asleep in his room with more security than you could shake a stick at. The robot K9 they had inherited from Sarah-Jane seemed particularly fond of Miller and spent most nights recharging in his room.

As Ianto looked out over the city he felt his baby move. He smiled and sent loving thoughts as his hand slid over the extended belly and felt her move again.

Ianto's face dropped as the next movement was not so pleasant. SHIT.

Ianto fumbled for the dresser where the Bluetooth earpiece beckoned but found himself on his knees as the next contraction hit with force.

Unable to call for help and afraid to wake his baby boy he lay on the floor for the bedroom and ground his teeth as his daughter decided tonight was the night to enter the world.

John and Jack were arguing. Owen sometimes wondered who had really chosen to marry who as this pair of old women were doing his head in.

For the fourth time John informed Jack that his "gun" was bigger and Jack snarled back that just because a pea-shooter can hit the mark it doesn't make it into a canon.

"Will you both shut the flying fuck up for the love of all things holly?" Owen barked.

Tosh snorted and shook her head as she continued to troll the scans for and more signs of life.

"I think we may be done!" she finally exclaimed and everyone sighed with relief.

It was early morning when both men dragged themselves from the SUV and slunk up the stairs.

"I bags not to be the one to tell Toto about the damage to the library in town!" John sighed as he left a boot on the stair.

"Well, I bags not to tell him about the SUV's side panels, after all that was all you!" Jack snarled back as he pulled Johns coat off and flung it into the darkness below.

"Ta. Shoulder's killing me" John grunted as they crept into the bedroom.

Jack crawled into his usual side of the bed with a groan of pleasure. Little Miller's bum was presented in the bedding he had folded back and he bent to kiss the small exposed back above the nappy before pulling his little shirt down and covering them both with the blankets.

John crawled in the other side to spoon the naturally warm Ianto and his own sigh of pleasure as he wriggled against him made Jack smile in the dark.

The first birds were beginning to sing as sleep finally began touching Jack and he looked one more time in the developing light of morning at his family. Then he froze.

He held his breath as he drew the blanket down from Ianto's chest and looked down at the lump that had been formed between Ianto and Miller.

A small face with wide blinking eyes regarded him and he felt a sob breaking his heart with joy as he looked down at this new daughter.

John's face, unmistakably his angled features with Ianto's eyes and colouring. Fair wisps of hair and the loveliest button nose he had ever seen. Jack had thought Miller beautiful but in the dawn he saw his most gorgeous sight yet.

Reaching over he prodded John who grunted and burrowed deeper into Ianto's back.

"Be careful John, he's probably a bit sore." Jack whispered and John blearily looked up at Jack who was propped on one elbow.

"Wha..?' John yawned and looked in the direction of Jack's soft grin.

John saw his daughter grabbing at Jack's face and he shot from the bed.

"What the fuck it that?" he cried with shock.

"THAT is your daughter ya muppet!" came a muffled reply as Ianto woke. "I was fucking asleep!"

"Sorry gorgeous, wow!" John climbed back onto the bed and took another peek at her, "Wow!"

Ianto snorted to show his humour was intact and rolled slightly to show her more to her fathers.

The smell of his milk made her whimper and he expertly rolled her as she nuzzled and began to suckle. Ianto made a nose of pleasure to his little chick.

Jack gasped with glee and licked his lips at the thought of Ianto's milk and John sat on the end of the bed as he wept.

John crawled up the bed and shakily reached a tentative hand out, touching her hair.

"Gods, she's perfect." He sobbed, "Oh Toto darling, look what you did!"

Ianto smiled and pursed his lips for a kiss which John gladly gifted.

Finished with her impromptu feed she now let out a little kitten cry as she wanted attention.

"Mine!" John crowed as he plucked her from her Tadda's arms and cradled her to his chest.

"Oh, mine. My heart, my soul. My starlight." He crooned as she blinked back her agreement.

Jack kissed Ianto gently and stroked his face as he silently asked if he was alright. Ianto smiled his affirmation and requested another kiss.

"She's so delicate. Smaller than the bug man. Look at her tiny fingers. Oh, oh, her little ears. Look, her earlobes are like tiny petals." John was gushing but didn't care as his baby girl gave a milky gas grin.

"Oh gods" he moaned in love "she smiles. Oh, for me. For me"

He sobbed as he kissed her little forehead. She let out a little burp and he crowed again at her cleverness. She simply blinked her agreement with him.

"So? What do you think of her Papa?" Ianto demanded.

"She's a perfect little flower in bloom" he whispered with awe "My little pink Poppy."

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