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The Untold Stories Of The Winchester Brothers

By SarahWinchester96


On Thin Ice

Author's Note: I am open for Supernatural fan fic requests! Hooray! To request, all you need to do is copy and paste this form into a PM then fill it out.

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"Dean..." Sam called, as the two brothers walked out of the woods and down a long winding path on their way back to town.

Dean was walking a few paces ahead of Sam with an expression that showed just how bored he was of Sam's constant questioning about Dad, Christmas, Santa Claus, etc, etc...With the green duffle bag slung over one shoulder and a shot gun in his hand, Dean ignored Sam's call and instead kept on walking.

"Dean..." Sam called again.

Trying not to get angry, Dean turned to Sam, standing over him. "What?"

Sam backed away slightly, with eyes that showed a hint of fear. " doesn't matter." He stuttered before fiddling with his glove.

Dean sighed before turning around and walking on. Dad hadn't been in contact for days now, and Dean had no idea as to where in the country he may be. What he did know, was that it was unlikely Dad was going to be back for Christmas. This upset Dean, as he knew that once again he would have to be the one to explain to Sam why Santa Claus had forgot him, and why Dad wasn't going to be home for Christmas. If you could call it a home, the brother's averaged around 30-40 different motels a year due to their father's 'job'. John would pay for a motel room for a few weeks, before dumping the boys and hitting the road. This meant that Dean was left in charge of his little brother with the same instructions of 'Look after Sammy'. Recently though, Sam had began to question their father's 'job' more frequently. New questions were beginning to emerge like 'Why do we move around so much?', 'Why don't we have a mom?', 'Where'd Dad go?', 'Why doesn't Dad take us with him?', and the most heart-wrenching of all, 'Dean, does Dad even love me?'. Dean couldn't take it any longer. He was sick of the responsibility, sick of having to clear up his father's messes, and sick of having to lie to Sammy. Turning back to his little brother, Sam was dragging his feet through the snow with his head hung and his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans. His brown hair was hidden beneath a grey woolie hat, so only the ends could be seen.

Sam shivered.

Taking off his scarf from around his neck, Dean wrapped it gently around his little brother's neck.

"Thanks, Dean." Sam smiled before looking up at his older brother. "Dean?" He asked softly, not knowing how his brother was going to react. "Is Dad going to be back for Christmas?"

Dean sighed, but made sure that Sam couldn't see him. He then turned back to his brother. "Of course he will be." Dean lied, faking a smile. Every sense inside him screamed in anger and guilt. He hated lying to Sammy, the kid deserved more. He deserved a father, a real father that would accept his responsibilities and act like a father, he deserved a mother who would love him and take care of him, he deserved stability, a house instead of endless motel rooms, and an education where he could stay in the same school without having to more around and always be the new kid.

Sam lowered his head once again, as if he could sense that Dean was lying.

"Hey." Dean put his hand on his little brother's shoulder. "He'll be there, okay?"

Sam sighed before walking off.

"Sam, wait!" Dean called after him.

Sam continued to walk, ignoring Dean.

"I know you can hear me, Sam. Don't you ignore me!" He stated sternly. "Sam!"

Sam turned to face Dean in an instant. "You're not Dad!" He screamed. "You can't tell me what to do, Dean!"

Something flipped inside of Dean. "No, but I'm the oldest! Dad left me in charge, not you!" He shouted back. "Why can't you just do as I say, Sam?! It would make my life a hell of a lot easier if I didn't have to worry about you running off every five seconds!"

Sam's eyes were filled with tears as he struggled to hold them back.

"Grow up, Sam!"

Wiping his tears away with the back of his glove, Sam looked up at Dean. "I- I hate you!" Sam screamed before running off.

"Damn it..." Dean cursed silently, as he instantly regretted his choice of words. Looking around, the snow was becoming heavier. "Oh crap!" His eyes widened as the situation suddenly sunk in. Sam was nowhere to be seen, and visability was low. "Sam!" He screamed.

Dean was running now. As he desperately looked around in search of his little brother, he knew it would be difficult to spot him due to the blizzard that was engulfing the area. "Sam!" He screamed once again. The snow was building up on his coat making him almost blend in with his surroundings. "Sam!" Overcome with guilt, Dean knew that this was his fault. If he hadn't of lost his temper with Sam, then none of this would've happened and his little brother wouldn't be missing. Dad! How would he explain this to Dad? Dean shuddered at the thought of how he react upon hearing the news that Sammy was gone. Shaking his head, he told himself that he needed to be positive. He was going to find Sam.

After searching for what seemed like forever, Dean threw the duffle bug down on the ground, dropping his gun on top of it. "God 'dammit!" He cursed before taking his phone out of his pocket. Luckily, it had signal. As the phone rang, Dean begged that he would pick up.

"Dean?" The voice answered.

"Oh thank god!" Dean sighed thankfully. "Bobby!" He began in a tone that reflected his fear.

"Dean, what's wrong? What's happened?" The older hunter worried.

"It's Sam, we had an argument and he ran off, then it started snowing and now it's a blizzard and I can't find him and it's all my fault. Dad's gonna' kill me!" Dean explained quickly.

"Just calm down..." Bobby stated softly. "Now where are you?"

"By Utah Lake, not far from the mountains." Dean answered.

"What were you too doing walking around in weather like this in the first place. I thought your Daddy never let you leave the motel." Bobby questioned.

Dean was silent for a few seconds before finally answering. "We'd been cooped up in there for a week and a half straight. Sam was bored, and when it started snowing, he wouldn't shut up about it until I agreed to take him out. So I took one of the guns and said we could go hunting. I obviously wasn't going to let him shoot any animals, I was only going to use tin cans..."

"It's okay, Dean, I believe you." Bobby stated. "Now you keep looking for Sam, I'll be with you as fast as I can."

"Thanks, Bobby." Dean said gratefully.

"Look after yourself kid." Bobby ended the call.

An hour had passed since Dean had rang Bobby, and he was still no closer to finding Sam. Hoping that the older hunter was close to their location, Dean was thankful that Bobby was on hand to help them out. "Sam!" Dean shouted off into the utter whiteness. He must've shouted that a hundred times already.

But this time. "D'n!" A childlike voice replied.

Dean's eyes widened. "Sammy!" Sprinting in the direction of the voice, Dean suddenly gasped as he caught sight of his little brother stood out on Utah Lake. The ice around his feet was thin and was beginning to crack.

"D'n, I'm scared..." Sam whimpered, looking over at his big brother.

"It's okay, Sammy!" Dean tried to reassured him. "Everything's gonna' be okay." Trying to find a safe way to reach his brother, Dean sighed. He knew the ice would never support his weight. Sam was going to have to walk to him, carefully. Dropping the duffle bag and the gun down in the snow, Dean walked as close as possible to the edge of the lake. "Sammy..."

Sam was looking at the ice with a petrified expression.

"Sammy!" Dean said again, softly.

This time, Sam looked at Dean.

"You're gonna' have to walk back across it." Dean explained.

Sam's eyes widened as he shook his head. "It's too far, Dean!"

"Sammy, you have to trust me." Dean stated softly. "The ice is too thin to support both our weights, so you have to walk across it."

Sam took a series of deep breaths, before slowly beginning to walk.

Dean winced at the sound of the ice cracking beneath his brother's feet. 'Come on Sammy' he spurred on inside his head. With his gaze firmly fixed on his little brother, Dean sensed that Sammy was crumbling mentally and physically. Not only was he violently shaking due to the freezing temperature and heavy snowfall, Sam was also breathing heavily in fear as he was slowly shuffling across the ice. "That's it, Sammy...Not much further."

Suddenly, the ice cracked loudly as it broke away under Sam's feet.

Dean's eyes widened as the world seemed to go into slow motion.

Sam gasped as he plunged into the icy waters of the lake.

"Sammy!" Dean screamed before running onto the lake, without a care for his own safety. "Sammy!" Sliding to his knees by the hole in the ice, he looked down into the water in search of his little brother. "Sammy!" Breathing heavily in fear, Dean threw off his coat before diving into the icy lake. The freezing water stabbed at his skin as he dived deeper and deeper in search of Sam. As a form finally came into view, Dean quickly swam over to Sam and wrapped his arm around his brother's back before pulling him behind him as he made his way back up to the surface. Reaching the hole in the ice, Dean noticed a figure knelt down at the edge. Bobby! With all his remaining strength, Dean pushed Sam up through the water and into Bobby's arms. Too weak to paddle up into the fresh air, Dean soon felt someone grip his wrist before he too was pulled out of the lake. As his mouth was clear of the water, he gasped as air began to refill his lungs. Spitting out the water in his mouth, he shivered before looking over at Bobby.

"What were you thinkin' kid?" The older hunter asked. "You could'be gotten yourself killed!"

"I wasn't gonna' let him drown, Bobby..." Dean replied softly before rushing over to his brother.

Sam wasn't breathing.

"No, no, no..." Dean panicked. "Sam...Sammy!" He shook his little brother gently. "Come on, Sammy!"

Bobby, who also knelt beside the youngest Winchester showed an equal amount of concern for the kid. "Breathe, Sam, breathe..."

Suddenly, Sam bolted upright, coughing and spluttering up water, still shaking violently.

"Sammy!" Dean threw himself at his little brother, embracing him in a hug.

"D'n..." Sam moaned. "I'm really cold."

Dean took off Sam's drenched coat before grabbing his own dry one and wrapping it around his little brother.

"We need to get you boys back to the motel before you catch hypothermia." Bobby stated.

Dean nodded.

"D'n..." Sam spoke softly.

He turned to his little brother.

"I didn't mean what I said, honestly, I didn't!" Sam stated sadly.

"It's okay, Sam. I know you didn't." Dean smiled. "I'm sorry too."

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