Sebastian! Her hearts desire, his pleasure


"Meeting him would be the beginning of something different. Who would have thought that love would be right in from of me in the blink of an eye! " This is an adult love/ romance story, some characters are based on the " IS IT LOVE " games. Sebastian and Matt are in this one. Mc and her best friend are taking an overdue, girls vacation to Ireland, England, and Scotland. the journey to rediscover (MC) her self after a failed marriage, raising a son and becoming an amazing photographer all in one has well led her astray in her own thoughts, She wants real, true, eat you up the whole kind of love. she's in her late 30's almost 40 and she doesn't think she will get it. Ireland may just be her vegas, or if love has anything to say about it, it will be more. MC2 thee BFF is also falling suit in her quest for love. these two have shared many things, but never men. so the fact that they both have someone of there vacation has been a surprise for both of them. and they live curiously through one and other. (not in that way, calm down). haha, this story is FICTION, NONFICTION, ROMANCE.

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+++ Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read this, Im so excited to be writing, but this is the first writing I have ever created, I know it needs some work maybe re-editing. but I so do hope I create something you guys will enjoy. This is an adult love/ romance story, some characters are based on the " IS IT LOVE " games. Sebastian and Matt are in this one. Mc and her best friend are taking an overdue, girls vacation to Ireland, England, and Scotland. the journey to rediscover (MC) her self after a failed marriage, raising a son and becoming an amazing photographer all in one has well led her astray in her own thoughts, She wants real, true, eat you up to the whole kind of love. she's in her late 30's almost 40 and she doesn't think she will get it. Ireland may just be her vegas, or if love has anything to say about it, it will be more. MC2 thee BFF is also falling suit in her quest for love. these two have shared many things, but never men. so the fact that they both have someone of there vacation has been a surprise for both of them. and they live curiously through one and another. (not in that way, calm down). haha, this story is part FICTION, part NONFICTION, Part ROMANCE, part FANTASY.

hopefully, I will pull this off well and have something amazing you all you come to love. Please like, leave comments and let me know what you think I loved to hear your feedback.

Thank you



“Meeting him would be the beginning of something different. Who would have thought that love would be right in from of me in the blink of an eye! ”

++ ++ ++ ++. +++. ++ +++. ++++. ++++ +++ +++ ++ ++ +

I lay in bed, it's past 1:00 am in the morning. Im up thinking like I always do. Im a night owl naturally so this is nothing new to me. I have been fantasying on possibly meeting and being with someone new in my life. Nothing in particular, but I want a “True” thing.

believing in soul mates / true love, That’s me, I’ve always been that person seeking, believing and loving others for it until it becomes apparent that it’s not it. No real connection, miss communications, feeling that no matter what you try it isn’t doing the trick. At this point I could say I’m clinically able to be locked up.. I’m mean if “Doing something over and over to get a different result is considered insane “.

Will, it ever happen? a true hopeless romantic at heart, again that’s me. life isn’t a fairy tale, I’ve been told. Fairy tail or not, true love is what I’m looking for and I won’t stop til its mine I laugh in my mind the evil laugh to go with my last thought of being insane.

does it even exist anymore for women my age? I can’t shake it. I don’t believe it won’t, Or that I don’t deserve it. Seek and you shall find right!!

Finding! now, that’s the harder part. How? when? where? all I’ve thought of for the last few months yet I haven’t dated anyone. I Don’t want to date anyone here around me. I’m sure there are fine men, classy, healthy, smart and fun. But, I want something out of this world different, take your very breath away. Touch you and make you scream kind of passion.

maybe it has passed me by. SHIT!!! I’m almost 4now, I have one son who I love but wanting more kids was always something I wanted. but If I’m not dating or married anymore. That’s not going to happen. SHIT now I’d be 60 by the time the move out if they even move out.

okay, I have 2 years until I’m 40. but it’s the POINT. I tell my self. I feel like I’ve missed a mark, dropped a ball. or allowed a ship to sail. I won’t settle again for just being comfortable, HAD THAT! Pfff. NOPE!! I say popping the P. Its’ never been my thing.

My Parents were comfortable until they weren’t and when I was 10 years old they divorced. they never really lived their life thought. they stayed closed both in location and friends. It was always one-sided, one didn’t mind if there were together because it was easy, and comforting the other, MMMM Well wanted to have a great life before it was over. Find a lover, friend true companion.

AHHH I sigh to my self. this is the year I fix all I feel needs to be fixed. my health if anything, my wealth, or lack thereof. my personal welding and mindset. my family life with my son, and now ex-husband. My career as a photographer. I will not end up alone and old. or settle for just is. one has to take the bull by its horns and deal with what will come from it. SOO!!! I say out loud from all this thinking.

SOO!! you are going on an overdue trip alone with your best friend. you and her will have a great time. men or not, you will be a single woman enjoying your life to its fullest. Then you will come back down to earth and join your family for a second family trip. That’s what you are going to focus on. one step at a time. take it slow. don’t distract yourself with fantasy. Focus.. and enjoy.

On a positive note, GOD I’m excited in a few weeks the TRIP is on. Me and Renee taking Europe by storm hahaha I laugh to my self.

I have no idea what will happen but I feel like something is coming and it’s going to be grand and pure and amazing in every sense of the word. As I think of my best friends and our upcoming trip to Ireland, England, and Scotland this summer and it’s only getting closer.

Renee and I have been besties since we’re 10 and 8 years old. I, of course, being the oldest. Ahh to go back and be in my 20′s ahh anyway.

“I think I’m having a middle-age crisis. ” I sigh to my self and say.

so this trip will be recharging your batteries trip. As a mom and a Divorce woman in here late ’30s, something goods happens right. one only hope

2 am now and I force my self to go to sleep. Dreams come and go and I’m restless all night. not normal for me since I can sleep like the dead as some would say.

I wake from what sleep I was able to get at 730 am. I have to get things going in this house. I get out of bed and head to the bathroom I start the shower which I take in record time. form my bathroom I can hear my son wake rummaging in the kitchen for his breakfast.

I quickly pull on some yoga pants from the closet that’s in the bathroom, and a long sleeve t-shirt, It the beginning of FEB here so it’s still cold outside. After dressing, I walk out to the kitchen my son is finishing his breakfast. “Good morning love”, “Good morning mommy,” he says to me

“Did you sleep well?” I ask

“Yes,” he says.

“Okay good, well we need to get ready for school to go get dressed and then brush your teeth for me please, okay,” I tell him

getting up to do what I asked, he first runs into me and gives me a hug. ahh. this kid I love him. at least if I have nothing else at my age I have him, the best damn thing I’ve ever done.

he takes his arms down and runs off to get ready. I then turn and get my breakfast and a cup of coffee. DECAFE! pointless to some but, I wake up from the flavor. mmm, COFFEE!!!

I sigh as an I look outside the window in the kitchen. and all I see if SNOW, great it must of snow overnight. so, once I take my son to school I have to come back and plow some snow out of the chicken’s area and drive. I won’t have time to do it now, it’s already 745am and we have to leave in 5 min.

“SON”, I call out.

“YES,” he replies.

“Are you ready?” I ask

“yes..” he replies

“okay well let’s get going, there’s snow outside and the roads may be crazy.” I say

“okay,” he calls back as he comes out of his room dressed and backpack in hand.

“okay let put our coats on and snow boots,” I tell him.

I head over to the closet take out our coast, hats, and gloves. and hand my son his. as I put me on. we head over to the wet room and slip on our boots, and I grab the car keys. We walk out into the garage opening its doors as we get into my new Audi. I have worked hard for an all-wheel-drive car. and it was this or the jeep. I love both but I thought this would last longer I don’t know, I liked it more. Im, not a car person. but we had an Audi before and it was a great car. I reverse and head toward my son’s school.

Arriving at his school 10 min later the road is a bit slip due to the fresh snow, but nothing the Audi can handle. I pull up to the door and my son gets out.

“Have are good day” honey bunny. love you”

“love you too mommy,” he says.

I pull away after I have watched him enter the building. Driving toward home, I start to think about the rest of my day.

I’m Home! I can’t stand the cold in the morning, I just want to head back to bed and sleep in more. no, I’m not depressed. I literally live like a cat and can totally sleep damn near all day. at this rate, I should be so beautiful. I’ve more than caught up on the sleeping part.

ahh, okay okay Bear! I'll feed you. let go, buddy! I say to my mix mutt of a dog. he a beautiful brown lab mix born with a cropped tail. at first glance, you’d think he’s Rottie or something.

I feed BEAR! and head back outside in the yard. once he is done letting him out in the process.

We have chickens I got a few years back, they are characters in their own way I have a few favs but their chickens and in our home that mean awesome eggs from glorified pets. I finish feeding them and head over the snowplow in the shade next to the chicken coop. I pull the lever on the plow and push it along the path I have around the coop currently covered in snow. it only takes 5 mins to finish the path allowing the chicken an area to walk on keeping them off the snow. once I’m done, I put the plow back in its place. and close the door before heading back in. now that I have cared for the farm, it’s time to get to work.

okay, bear, let’s go inside, I call at him.

bear and I head in, I take off the layers of coats, hats, gloves, and boots leaving them all in the wet room near the laundry. I had into kitchen wash my hand, dry grab my cup of Coffee! and head to the office for work.

My life as a newly developed Photographer for the last 2 years has been a game-changer for my life. I have always had a passion for design and art. and this really allows me to bring beauty to others, finally I feel like one missing piece of my life is in its right place.

at about noon, and I’m closing up my laptop to go get some lunch when my phone rings.

Renee, my muse also my BFFEAE! since we were kids.

I answer “Hello Renee” how are you?”

“Hey, I’m good I was just calling to ask you something, ” she says.

“Okay, let have it what’s up?” I tell her.

“yeah so, do you have plans this summer or sooner, or no? because I was thinking we could go a girls vacation somewhere. anywhere you want. I have a ton of travel point both in hotels and flying. what do you think?” she proceeds to inform me.

“WOW, really! that would be awesome. um as far as summer, my mom and sister are going to Portugal and I was planning on going with my son. he hasn’t been there yet, and I need to introduce him to my family before I’m old. ” ... So, this summer may not work, unless. ”

“unless” I begin to say.

“unless what?” she asks.

“How about we go in about a month, tickets should be cheap still since there is time. where do you want to go. ?” I ask her.

umm... I don’t know.

that’s funny, she has only been all over the world for work for the last 10 years. you’d think she’d have a favorite place. Well, I know one thing if we go anywhere I want to go to Europe. IRELAND, SCOTLAND, and ENGLAND to be precise. That’s it.

“Hey, Renee why don’t we go to Ireland, and the surrounding countries for a few weeks. I mean you work abrade most the time anyway so if you need to work you can still do it. right.” I excitedly tell her.

“omg yeah... that’s a great idea. for how long.?” Renee asks.

“3 weeks, then I’ll come back and wait for a family trip to Portugal. omg no wait.. why don’t we go for however long we want or can afford, then head over to Portugal you have never been there with me. I’d love to show you where I was born.” how does that sound I question.

“Yes! perfect. ill look into the tickets and let you know. ” she says

“Well, I hope you’re doing good, I can’t talk long but, when I call back ill have more time to talk. I can’t wait this is going to be so amazing. “.. pause ” maybe we will find true love, wouldn’t that be great.. haha she laughs. knowing well that she has never been married, any kids and has bee looking for the right guy for as long as I have.

granted I was married once.

“Yeah that’s fine, I was finishing up some bookkeeping and promotions for work. but I’m going to go eat and clean the house a bit before son comes home. so yeah ill let you go and wait for you to call back. ” sound good I tell her

“Okay, talk soon bye, “she says and hangs up.

I finish lunch and clean my house a bit, I put bear back out. I look to see what time it is and sure enough, I need to pick up son.

ahh again in the cold. I gear up, load my self in a car head to son school and pick him up, we arrive home a little later due to the snow on the ground. son heads to his room and begins working on homework, while I head to the kitchen to make dinner.

that night Renee calls back super excited she can’t believe what she found and how cheap it can be with all her points over the years. We will get first class leaving Boston, ma to Ireland and back on way to Portugal, all the hotels we plan to stay at are 5 plus stars and a few we get suit upgrades. she says the best time to go is the end of March the weather there is better, and not as cold. but you can see more since there are fewer tourists. she will have to do some work while there since she can’t take a month off without filling a sabbatical or something. I agree with the deal. all I have to get is a ticket to Boston. We will meet up the next day since she will fly out a day early for work. then we will recheck in and board and be on our way to IRELAND!!!!!.

YESSS!!! I say and thank her. we end the call after a little more conversation

Days go by even weeks, it's now spring winter has passed and I’m making an arrangement between photo shoots and kids soccer practice and living on a small 10 acre land in northern Idaho and caring for a few chickens and things. my life is nuts. but, I so love it. I have things in place, my sister for the summer is coming up with my mom and her new hubby from Brazil. she’s in her 60 but I swear she’s 49 max. if I get that far I so want to be like her.

plans are made. Renee and I are heading out the end of March to Ireland, then England and Scotland after which we will head over to Portugal. I was born in Portugal and have a family, so it will be a nice change before returning to the states.

I can’t wait. Its already end of FEB now and I’m beside my self. here we go MARIA what does life have in store for us now.

+++++HEY GUYS! I hope you liked it. This is my first time writing for anyone to read. I might have a lot of work to do to make it great writing so please leave comments if you have any on your thoughts if you liked it, what or didn’t. ++++++++

++And if you like it please market the star and vote thank you. +++

I wanted to share some insight into my characters

My son is a real person I just didn’t want to use his name and I haven’t found a name replacement I like so until then he will remain ” my son, son” etc.

Maria, who is MC and me. really is a mom and a working photographer she and I have had a similar event played out in our life. however, for the story, I keep hers more on a fiction base. but, her silly outgoing and open personality are true, she also has a way of not shielding her thoughts. this said she has been fighting to change her self for a better she so desperately feels she needs. She hasn’t been lucky in love in the sense of being complete. she is always the one others come to be filled, but she herself has never been filled back up. Her best friend Renee, was always the quiet one until she hit her 20′s when she became the out going on, exploring the world and having the corporate life, making the money and lifestyle one could dream of. So for Maria, this is something she has always wanted but in her life, she decided to go the wife mom route thinking that was what she wanted but in truth, she feels he hasn’t accomplished anything and is now later point in her life seeking this change and rebuilding herself. NO longer live through others b for others with others and really getting into her own life and digging in. and enjoying the process. She struggles with the change since it’s been so foreign for her for so long. being single again isn’t the same as it once was when she was in her 20′s. her life her youth her passion has all changed. now she is in search of a new beginning.

Renee is the carefree classy women of the corp. world. she has traveled the earth, and with all, she has she hasn’t yet found her one should mate. her natural character is not a slut. but, after a point, a woman just has to have fun with life and go with it. she has been BFF’s with Maria since childhood, and it was Maria that really set the way for her to be more open-minded and confident in coming out of her shy ways. she’s set in her ways but always a giver and looking for the one who will give her all she puts back into it. Renee has been trying to get Maria out of her old maid life, and now that she has become single again. Renee has offered a “girls Vacation” trip to reboot both of them and reconnect their friendship since childhood. its’ been a long time coming and they had been in two different words for so long. Yet Renee hopes that in some ways she will find a love of life soon, perhaps on this journey with her BFF.

Maria is the main MC and her story, but like any mc, they need a right-hand person and that is Renee. helping to guide each other and uncover life true loves.


Matt & Sebastian both FAN FICTION Characters from the IIL games. these two are sexy, outgoing and the best fit for our female MC’s. Matt and Sebastian’s characters do have a few things different than any original IIL character. like Sebastian may not have wolf abilities. Matt may or may not have a twin. They may just live some were in Europe and not New York or an enchanted town. These sexy powerful males with bring something more to there Mc’s life then they have ever dreamed and perhaps more.

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