2 Strange Fruit bladesinger series

Chapter 3

Strange Fruit

Chapter 3

Jack saw two fingers in the corner of Ianto's mouth, showing his distress.

It had been several hours since they had returned to the hub and Owen had been more than worried by the slowness in Ianto's awakening.

The wound had been cleaned, stitched and dressed but Owen felt a niggle that there was something he had missed.

Jack sat by the bed, holding Ianto's hand with a steely glare telling everyone that things were fine. FINE!

Apart from the occasional moan, Ianto was still and quiet. Gwen was walking on eggshells as she placed a jug of iced tea by the bed. Ianto had been drinking this the last few days and she had noticed this change in his diet. Hopefully this would make him want a drink as Owen said fluids were important.

Ianto's eyelids flickered, the lashes like butterfly wings against his cheekbones as he began to stir. Jack rose from the chair and called out to Owen who came running with relief etched on his face.

Ianto rolled with a groan and threw up over the side of the bed, then flopped back with a moan of pain.

"Easy buddy" Owen soothed, fussing with the dressing while trying to get his pulse.

"Oh God!" Ianto gasped, rising for another round.

Jack swore as the spew hit his boots and he glared at Owen for help.

"Shit, good aim?" Owen grinned back, not scared of the patented "Kill" glare.

Ianto opened his eyes and focused on Jack. With soothing noises, Jack stroked his cheek and kissed his forehead gently.

"It's OK Babe" he murmured.

Babe. Babe? Fuck! Owen's eyes narrowed as that niggle became a full-blown nag.

"Ianto? Can I talk to you alone for a moment" Owen said while staring at Jack.

Jack reluctantly left the med-bay and headed toward Gwen to thank her for the iced-tea, which Ianto had reached for gratefully.

"Ianto, mate" Owen sidled closer to the bed and looked down at him. "How long have you been feeling sick?"

"I don't know" Ianto sighed, sipping the iced tea. "Couple of weeks? When I started fighting with Jack."

"No appetite, not eating? Not sleeping properly? Grumpy and prickly?" Owen counted off on his fingers as Ianto nodded silent agreement.

"Bloated? Feeling gassy?" Owen lent in and whispered to Ianto who nodded with surprise.

They silently stared at each other for a few minutes before the final fact slotted into place for Owen.

"That why you didn't want him to get the phone? Read your messages with the Doc?" Owen guessed with a gasp. "Fuck, are you preggers mate?"

Ianto sighed and rolled his eyes, his hand rubbing his face.

"Fuck! You could have been killed today, you could have lost it or …" Owen's rant died away as the situation hit him. "You and captain Cheesecake … fuck me!"

Ianto lay back and curled into a ball, the tears that he had tried valiantly too hide from Jack now fell in big fat drops. A sob soon followed and Owen placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Come on mate. Might not be that bad. Can I have a look?" Owen said softly.

Ianto nodded and watched Owen reach for the singularity scalpel. With a grin he flourished it at Ianto and walked over with renewed excitement.

Tosh came down in time to see Owen's grin split his face as Ianto covered his own face with his injured arm. She stepped quickly around to see what Owen was looking at and got a full view of the new life. With a shriek she threw herself into Owen's arms.

Jack heard the commotion and came running. The sight of Owen and Tosh hugging was sweet but the singularity scalpel didn't look too good, especially with Ianto's stomach exposed like that. With horror he looked at Ianto's shuddering and realised he was crying.

"Yan?' he gathered him into his arms and tried to soothe him while glaring at Owen. He was fine when he left; this had to be Owen's fault somehow.

With another sob, Ianto pushed Jack away and Jack saw two fingers in the corner of Ianto's mouth, showing his distress. Now Jack was angry. Despite the problems he knew he loved Ianto and seeing that childish gesture was the last straw.

Lifting Ianto from the bed, he walked calmly from the room and up, into the office. He sat Ianto at the manhole and dropped down into the sleeping quarters, then pulled Ianto down after him. He undressed him in silence, Ianto's tears had stopped and he sat watching Jack with big sad eyes that tugged at his heart. Was this his fault?

Soon they were both naked and warm under the covers with Jack wrapped around Ianto soothing him with soft strokes down his back.

Breathing in his lover's scent, Ianto shuddered and then buried his face in Jack's chest.

"Talk to me Sweetie" Jack murmured into his hair.

"I'm pregnant" Ianto whispered.

Jack lay still. So still Ianto was sure he wasn't even breathing. After a few minutes he repeated what Ianto said. "Pregnant?"

"Yeah." Ianto sighed, rubbing his face into Jack's shoulder.

Suddenly everything made sense. The mood swings, no appetite, nausea. Jack's heart sank as he replayed their recent arguments. Of course Ianto wanted to talk to the Doctor, felt homesick for the TARDIS and was feeling threatened by Gwen. Yeah, he had really been a big help, changing the pairing and yelling at him each time he spaced out. Wow. Way to feel like a shit!

Jack pulled Ianto's face to his and smashed their mouths together letting his passion wash over them. Ianto sighed and melted into Jack's arms. Jack reached down for Ianto's stomach and gently stroked the small mound forming.

A baby. Wow!

Ianto watched Jack's face as the myriad of emotions washed over him, relieved that the final decision was joy.

Tosh and Owen were crowded around Gwen's workstation when Jack finally emerged from the sleeping quarters. Ianto had finally fallen asleep, the secret had been eating at him and now it was all in the open things were OK again.

"Is it true?" Gwen demanded.

"Yeah. We're pregnant!" Jack said gleefully.

Ignoring Gwen's frown Jack faced Tosh and Owen with a grin that almost blinded them.

"Asleep?" Owen nodded his head towards the office and Jack nodded.

"This is wonderful. Well, I guess he's been talking with the Doctor about this?" Tosh asked, matching Jack's grin with one of her own.

"Yeah. The code was "Bump" I thought he was talking about me, "Bump kept me awake again last night", "Bump made me throw up again" that sort of thing." He laughed.

Everyone started to laugh at the innuendo and Gwen wondered silently about the logistics of a child in the hub. As if hearing her thoughts, Jack frowned and looked around the hub.

"Owen? How about you make a list of things we need to do to make this safer for bump and we will also need to talk about living quarters. There's barely enough room for me and Ianto, a baby needs lots of space" Jack shrugged.

Tosh frown then spoke, "What about those room we use for temporary storage? Above the archives? Warm and large, we could set one up as a room for Ianto and you. A crib in one corner for bump and when he's old enough we can alter one of the adjoining rooms for the nursery. Add a door between, there's even a bathroom in there isn't there?"

"Wow, all in one breath!" Owen was impressed.

"Good idea. A large nursery then if you guys breed we have plenty of room for the kids" Jack grinned, enjoying the shocked look Tosh shared with Owen. "Come on, I know you're dating! I smell him on you."

Gwen glared at them as if their secret tryst were a slight against her then realised what she was doing. With a grin she joined the fun.

"I could even put Rhys in there if we include a TV and DVD player." She giggled.

"What's so funny?" Ianto asked from the office door.

He had obviously just woken up and his hair was messy, his fists rubbing his eyes and his Pyjamas were actually Jack's so they were too big. The effect on Gwen was instantaneous with Tosh's soft "Aw".

Racing up the stairs she pulled Ianto into her arms and kissed his forehead while rubbing his back. Ianto remembered Gwen's smell from when he was a small boy and instinctively buried his face in her neck, hugging back. He sighed and before he knew what he was doing he was sucking his fingers again.

"Poor baby. Did we wake you pet?" she soothed, steering him to the sofa.

Sitting down, she pulled him onto her lap and he actually cuddled into her and sighed before closing his eyes.

"Poor baby. He's so tired." Tosh clucked, pulling the rug from the back of the sofa and wrapping him and Gwen in to its warmth.

Jack stood in shock as his lover pulled his legs up and cuddled with Gwen. Tosh sat beside them, pressing herself against Ianto's back and cooing at him softly. Owen shrugged and retrieved another blanket that he draped over the three bodies.

"Get used to it mate, he's gonna be public property now. These girls are gonna be worse than mother hens" Owen shrugged, secretly delighted as well.

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