2 Strange Fruit bladesinger series

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A very large, very aggressive weevil hit the wall

Ianto was bored. Owen had threatened bed-rest last time he had discovered him in the archives and he just knew that Janet hadn't been fed today.

With a sigh Ianto levered himself up from the sofa and waddled to the office door entrance.

"Huge. A Space Whale. A small city. A moon." Ianto muttered to himself as he noted the silent and obviously empty hub below.

All gone. The rift alert flashed on Tosh's screen and he felt mild irritation that they hadn't even bothered to interrupt his snooze to tell him they were abandoning him.

He felt a bit queasy actually and had wanted to ask for a peppermint tea but with no one to fuss he realised he might actually get to do something for himself for a change.

After the tea he looked about and noted the mess.

An hour later the hub was shining and the workplaces so tidy that the girls would probably be too scared to use them.

He stood in front of Janet's cell and watched her approach. Instead of beginning her meal she walked closer until she reached the glass.

With a soft moan she squatted to be face to belly with Bump and then she started to stroke the glass.

Ianto stepped forward and lent against the glass and was surprised when she pushed her face against the glass in a parody of a kiss. Could she hear the heartbeat? Janet had lost her own baby and Ianto wondered if she felt a kinship to his.

"Do you like my Bump madam?" he giggled as she kissed the Bump through the plexiglass again.

Fresh nausea tickled the back of his throat and with a groan he headed towards the showers hoping to reach the toilet before he had a new mess to clean up.

He was on his hands and knees when the hands surprised him, reaching around Bump and lifting him to his feet.

Turning to face his saviour he came face to face with Captain John Hart.

"John" Ianto was horrified to hear his voice squeaking.

"Oh my God. Is that … I mean …" John waved his hand at Ianto's stomach.

"Yeah. I'm due any day I think" Ianto sighed, leaning back against the wall.

"God! You look sooo fucking hot! I love preggie sex!" John moved in suggestively and stroked either side of the bump as he lent in to kiss Ianto.

Ianto squeaked again and tried to slide around John as the shock of the moment set in.

A large crash of glass made them both start as a very large, very aggressive weevil hit the brick wall and proceeded to bear down on them snarling and roaring.

"Janet?" Ianto gasped, frozen to the spot.

John raised his gun that came out of nowhere and Ianto yelled with fury of his own.

"No! Don't hurt my Weevil!" he screamed, grabbing at John's arm.

Janet stopped advancing and stood facing John down. Ianto had never seen a weevil so still before and was captivated by her powerful stare.

"Whose Weevil?" a new voice cut the air.

Ianto slowly turned to see Owen with his own weapon raised and aimed at John.

"Owen. She's trying to protect me I think" Ianto frowned.

"YAN!" Jack yelled, entering the hallway and coming to a screeching hat as he surveyed the scene he had stumbled upon.

"It's OK. John got a little fresh and Janet took offence. She wants to protect Bump." Ianto repeated.

"FRESH? HOW FRESH?" Jack roared as he towered over the smaller Captain.

"Just a hello!" John whimpered remembering too late how possessive Jack could be.

"MINE!" Jack screamed into his face.

"Actually, I'm not a bloody pet ya know" Ianto was becoming annoyed.

"Sorry Babe, I didn't mean it like that. You know I'm your's too right?" Jack pulled Ianto towards him.

"Look. He was puking and looked sad, gorgeous and fucking hot. What was I supposed to do if you let him alone like that!" John flung at Jack now there was a safe distance.

"Puking? You're being sick?" Owen stepped forward, weevil and time agent forgotten.

"I was fine. I cleaned and fed Janet and let her have some Bump time and then I started to feel … well … funny" Ianto shrugged.

"Funny. Define funny" Owen demanded.

"Bump time?" John murmured with growing confusion.

Janet had retreated back towards the cells and Jack opened one with a flurry of his wrist strap, oblivious to the conversation happening back in the hallway.

Re-entering the hallway he found Owen on his knees with his hands on Bump and Ianto looking quite confused. John had dropped his bravado and had also stepped closer to the pair.

"How long have you been having the back spasms buddy?" Owen asked softly as he stroked the bump.

"I don't know. Maybe twenty minutes" Ianto shrugged.

"You do realise he's in pre-labour, right?" John noted, looking down at Owen.

Ianto gave a strangled whimper as a new pain hit. His knees gave way and John struggled to grab him before he folded onto Owen who was trying to hold him up.

"Fuck!" Owen yelled, feeling the stomach muscles contracting as Ianto groaned.

"Oh! I need the toilet, I gotta go!" Ianto groaned.

"No you don't mate. Hold it a bit longer, yeah?" John began to lift Ianto and Jack stepped the other side to lift his partner into his arms.

They made the delivery suite in record time and the girls were already there due to the hurried shouts from Owen over the comm. It was all they had needed to panic as well.

Ianto was moaning and writhing in Jack's arms and John was trying to help Jack contain him without dropping his squirming load. Depositing him on the gurney, Jack groaned and doubled over with relief. John putted his back and then stepped closer to the table.

Owen was already trying to remove clothing and Ianto was making it difficult as he struggled to reach for Jack.

"For Fuck's Sake, help us here Jack." John demanded, holding Ianto back.

"Shit" Jack gasped surging forward to embrace Ianto.

"I'm scared Daddy" Ianto whimpered, burying his face in Jack's shoulder.

"It's OK love, we talked about this, yeah?" Jack soothed, "Owen is ready, I'm ready and Bump is sure as hell ready. You ready?"

"Mmm" came the frightened response.

"Right. IV and sedative first. Pain relief and some softer lighting please" Owen began barking orders.

Soon everyone had calmed down as Owen took control and Ianto found himself naked apart from his boxers with Jack kissing his face as Owen stroked Bump.

"OK. Lets meet baby Harkness-Jones" Owen grinned as he began the incision.

The sonic scalpel was silent and clean as it cut through skin and tissue. Ianto felt nothing due to the meds and he alternated between watching Owen's glee filled face and Jack's concerned one.

The sound of a baby crying shook him from his shock and he looked down at his now flat stomach as Owen finished closing the wound.

"Not even a scar. Look at that!" Owen was proud as he stroked the now flat stomach and Ianto watched his small, thin fingers with medicated awe.

"Babe" Jack said softly and Ianto dragged his eyes toward his mate.

The bundle in his arms moved and Jack lent down to place the baby in Ianto's arms.

"Sit him up a bit" Owen raised the bed and Ianto looked down at the little cherub face.

Jack's eyes glared back and Ianto laughed with delight. His nose. Jack's chin. Oh!

Tears fell onto the perfect little face and Ianto frowned with annoyance before realising they were his.

"Miller" Jack whispered in Ianto's ear.

"Hello Miller Owen Harkness-Jones" Ianto grinned down at his son.

Owen froze and stared at Ianto in shock. Then he began to quickly bustle about the room acting like he had clean up to do but Tosh saw the grin of delight he couldn't contain as he entered the main hub to inform them of the arrival.

"A boy? Oh wow!" Tosh squealed as the two women ran toward the delivery room.

"Owen? Ya sure?" Jack was surprised too.

"Yeah. He needs a good strong middle name and no one likes to pretend like he's ten foot tall like Owen" Ianto laughed.

"Oi! I heard that!" Owen mock bristled as he looked down at the little man again.

"Look, Uncle Owen has gone all puffy" Jack simpered to his son.

"Puffy? Fu …" Owen started but was silenced by Ianto's low growl.

"You were NOT about to cuss in front of my baby were you?" an eyebrow asked.

"Er. Sorry!" Owen smiled apologetically.

"So, Miller!" Tosh peeked into the blanket and melted at Jack's miniature gaze.

"Miller Owen Harkness-Jones" Jack puffed with pride.

"Now who's puffy eh?" Owen crooned to the bundle.

Ianto's eyes started to blink, then close and Jack noted his mate's distress.

"OK, everyone out. My babies both need rest!' He said softly flapping his hands.

"Can I have a hold?" Gwen whined hopefully.

"Mmmm." Ianto answered sleepily and she snatched the baby up with glee.

Ianto's eyes closed a final time and his breathing lengthened as sleep took him. Jack bent over him to kiss him softly and John grinned from his vantage point.

A nephew. John watched Jack's joyful reactions and felt something he hadn't felt in so many years. Hope.

Both women moved to the changing bay where they began clucking and fussing over the silent baby who regarded them as strange fruit indeed.

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