1 two finger emergency

Chapter 12 in bed

Ianto woke in his bed. Naked and warm with a feeling of pleasure that radiated from the warmth at his back, he moved to better fit the body behind him sighing as the arm about his waist tightened. Then his mind caught up to his body and with a gasp of horror he turned to face his coddler.

River. Not John, lay on top of the furs that covered him with her arm thrown across him and her face close to him.

"Hello darling" she murmured kissing him on the nose. "You know, I've often wondered what it would be like to have a child with the Doctor. At least I know my maternal instincts are there hmmm?"

Ianto smiled and reached for her pulling her on top of him in a hug that made her squeal with delight.

"Do you know where my clothes disappeared to?" he growled, kissing her on the lips quickly and squeezing her butt cheek with one errant hand before she could escape.

"Ianto! Bad Baby" she exclaimed in delight, mock slapping at him as she slid from the bed. "I'm not a child molester no matter how yummy you may have look naked and wanton on these furs!"

Ianto laughed heartily and stood reaching for the said clothing thrown over a nearby chair. River pretended horror at his naked display and fell onto the bed on her back shrieking as she covered her eyes. The Doctor chose that moment to enter and stopped two steps into the room.

"Ah! Definitely … er … yes, been around Jack haven't you!" he smiled as he shook his head.

"Mmmm, wouldn't mind him around me, or me around him." John chortled entering behind the Doctor, "We're both quite flexible it would seem."

His voice faltered as he recognised the scar tissue he had felt beneath his fingers and the deep slashed groves and puckered burn scars were a cruel blight to an otherwise perfect masterpiece. This boy had suffered. A lot! Yet he moved with grace that belied any pain or damage.

Now John understood. Jack did not have a plaything. He did not have a shag machine. This was a warrior's body. An equal. God, images of wrestling flew out the window as John conceded that this was a far stronger man that stood before him than first thought and there was no doubt now that Jack was not the dominant in the relationship. He was probably grateful for anything this young pup offered. John knew he sure would be!

Ianto snorted and rolled his eyes as though hearing John's thoughts and he buttoned his trousers as he turned back toward the bed, a joke Jack and he had shared suddenly tickling his brain.

"Are you my Mummy?" he said in a childish whine and the bark of laughter from the Doctor filled the room, spilling onto the corridor behind him.

"Come on!" the doctor crowed, leaping back into the doorway and grabbing at the doorframe like a monkey swinging around a tree trunk, "Wait 'till you see where she's taken us this time!"

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