1 two finger emergency

Chapter 13 little duckling

Little duckling is upset! You were rude.

Ianto was in Heaven. This must be heaven and he realised he had spoken out loud when the doctor answered him.

"Close! Good guess though. Heavenlee this place is called" he rocked on the balls of his feet with excitement.

"Wow!" Ianto exclaimed which further excited the Doctor and River smiled fondly at her excitable spouse.

The sky was a sunset of purples, oranges and fiery reds with golden guilt edges to the clouds. The grass was green but instead of green leaves on the trees these shared the colours of fire.

"This is where you came from" the Doctor crowed, spinning with glee.

"The Bladesingers lived here for thousands of years, extinct now I'm afraid" he sighed dramatically and River pulled his arm to get his attention.

"Extinct no more my love, one stands before us" she nodded at Ianto.

The blue tips had bled as he stood looking around and his hair was now had swirls of blue and silver that curved around his ears and down his neck to curl at his collar. He absently reached up to flick an errant lock from his eyes and froze.

"You are becoming. Don't be scared, this is normal" River soothed. "In time you will learn to control it and hide behind your human side."

John suppressed a groan at the sight of the beautiful warrior that grew before his eyes. Already tall and slim, Ianto seemed to be taller and his chest and shoulders much wider as he stepped in a small circle to take in his surrounding. Catching his eye John smiled softly and the grin of response showed sharp fangs and a glint in Ianto's eye that took his breath away. Wow indeed!

"My Lords?" a voice interrupted them and they turned to greet the stranger.

A young woman stood with her hands to her mouth. She stared at Ianto and then fell to her knees shaking.

"My Lord. You are come!" she whispered and she looked up at him with open glee.

"Huh?" Ianto cringed at his grunt of shock. Yeah great! What a brilliant first impression! Huh! Duh! Might as well have farted or burped at her. Ianto groaned quietly at his outburst.

A shout from behind them barely gave the Doctor time to grab River and pull her to one side as a man ran at them with a sword over his head.

Ianto moved instinctively and as he threw his arm up his sword appeared from thin air. No time for shock and Ianto felt only rage at this unprovoked attack. Not questioning his instincts Ianto gave in to them as the two men began to dance.

The attacker was clumsy and slow to Ianto's eyes and he danced about him like a moth around a flame. Anger gave way to pleasure as he stretched and flexed, blue light sparkling and exploding about the two figures.

He moved with quick efficiency as he swung his body up and over his attacker's head and twisted to grab his neck with his free hand. As he spun a growl of anger escaped and the attacker froze as Ianto's blade bit into the top layer of skin under his jaw. Ianto lowered himself to the ground, drew back the blade from the red mark it had drawn and circled his prey with open hostility as other people arrived at the scene.

Several others fell to their knees, mirroring the young girl and others hung on to one other in shock. Whispers spread around them, as they pointed out the colour of his sword to one another more than one person began to retreat.

Ianto's mouth was open and fangs gleamed in the golden light as he panted with anger. The man who had attacked dropped his sword and continued to stand stock still apart from a small shiver each time Ianto blew breath at him in an open display of dominance. His fangs were long now, past his lip and dagger like in appearance.

The blue light that had encircled the two of them faded, as did the sword in his hand as Ianto stepped back from his prey in disgust. His fangs seemed to shrink until his mouth closed and he regarded the man with distaste.

The man looked into the glowing eyes that regarded him and shakily got to his knees and tilted his head back to bare his throat in the universal gesture of submission between feral creatures.

John was sure that he had ejaculated at some point because his groin throbbed and his pants were becoming sticky and uncomfortable but he could not move for fear that he might again. God, he was awesome. Scary but still awesome.

The journey to the township had been short and embarrassing for Ianto with others joining the walking party as they travelled. A small boy reached out and stroked Ianto's arm before running back with a shriek of glee to his mates.

"Jellars. These people. See their ears? Dead giveaway!" the Doctor mock whispered to the group and River shook her head. "They were one side, the other faction were called Meggots. Meddots? Maggots? No, that's not right. Similar in appearance to the Jellar but they …"

Ianto could see nothing strange about their ears at all and John's matching shrug conformed his opinion that the Doctor was not really looking at what he was talking about. As they neared the centre of town the Doctor slowed until he stopped altogether. Looking around at the buildings and crowd gathering, he slowly pivoted to face where they had approached from and hummed to himself.

"Yes, the ears. Hmm. She was a servant girl perhaps? Quite young for a slave" he continued the now familiar rambling to himself that Ianto had learned to accept came as natural as breathing.

"Did Jack ever tell you what we did together the most? He called it my favourite pastime" he asked Ianto pleasantly.

Ianto frowned and then spoke the one word Jack yelled most in his sleep when dreams of the Doctor had entered their bedroom.


"Brilliant suggestion" the Doctor shouted suddenly turning to flee in the direction they had come from and after a moment of shock everyone followed.

"Bugger! Stupid really! Should have been paying attention …." The doctor berated himself as they ran and Ianto could just catch snatches of the Doctor's pants of angry self flagellation.

A noise made Ianto look to his left in time to see John falter as a bloom of red at his shoulder coloured the white shirt John had worn that day. Ianto instinctively reached for him to scoop him over his shoulder.

River shouted encouragement as the TARDIS appeared over the horizon and Ianto felt a burst of speed as he passed the time travellers. They slammed the door and a jerk alerted Ianto that the Tardis was taking flight.

With laughter bellowing, River and the Doctor slid to the floor with their backs to the door and they both gasped for air as the Doctor repeated the word.

"Run!" He quipped, "yes, I suppose it was more common than thankyou or oops even!"

"Oops even?" John parroted in anger as he reached for the doctor's lapels.

Ianto's hand on John's arm stopped him and Ianto shook his head with merriment.

"He's right ya know" he murmured to John in that heavenly welsh lit, "Running is better than saying oops!"

John felt a snort of laughter and gave in to the general consensus that it really didn't matter. Ianto ran his hand over John's arm and shoulder and he groaned softly at his touch. Satisfied that John's wound was only superficial, Ianto nodded and then turned back to the other two.

"God! I'm bloody hungry now!" Ianto declared in a loud voice and he wandered off to find the kitchen.

Everyone else followed knowing the TARDIS was more likely to accommodate his needs than anyone else's. They were right, as the kitchen appeared in front of them and Ianto's cry of pleasure at the bananas on the table filtered back to them.

"Bananas! I love bananas!" he clapped his hands and broke one from the bunch with a flourish.

The Doctor clapped his hands and it flew from Ianto's grip effortlessly, spinning into his waiting hands and Ianto retrieved a second banana for his own hunger. River watched the two men animatedly discussing their mistake and the running thing as she shook her head and smiled. John quietly sat on the bench and watched until a banana flew in his direction and he was strangely touched that Ianto had included him in the game.

"Is it often like that? We come in peace shoot to kill!" Ianto's welsh monotone of the "Startrekkin" song tickled the Doctor who gave in to peals of laughter.

"Startrekking across the Universe" he shrieked at Ianto and they began to bob in time to the words as they sang it together. Laughter quietened to giggles and they reached for the bananas again.

"Jack and I once happened on a planet that seemed lovely. Women that were of a rare beauty." John sighed as he remembered and Ianto watched intently.

"We were there for nearly a week when the first pains started. I thought it was a torn muscle from too much … um … exercise, ya know?" he winked at Ianto with a leer that made Ianto smile back.

'Parasites. Seems the women were like black widow spiders on your planet. We were the prey" John spoke exclusively to Ianto. "Jack nearly died trying to get me out to safety. Thank the Gods for New New York. He sat by my side for three days before I stabilised enough for the sisters to declare me recoverable. Never once complained about his own recovery!"

Ianto saw something akin to sorrow and love when Jack's name was spoken and he wondered for the first time if Jack even remembered this past display of love. Did Jack love this man once? Still? Ianto moved quickly and placed his hand over John's.

"It was a long time ago for him" John said softly almost hearing Ianto speak, his face so expressive.

"Spiders. Bah! Try eight-foot beetles that want to take over the universe. If Jack weren't such a freak we wouldn't have been done for. I think he died four times getting me to the TARDIS in one piece that time" the Doctor laughed.

Ianto's stomach churned as he heard Jack's life and deaths spoken of with disregard and River noted his grimace. The TARDIS made a chiming noise and then she berated the Doctor for his words.

You upset my little chick! You spoke of my Jack like he was expendable. Little duckling is upset! You were rude.

The Doctor turned to face Ianto who was quietly edging toward the door.

"Erm, sorry. I didn't mean it like that" he said contrite in the realisation that Ianto wanted to leave.

"He's worth something to me! He's everything to me" Ianto said softly as he took another step toward the door. "I want to go home."

"I'm sorry Ianto, I didn't mean to hurt you" the Doctor apologised.

"Hurt me? What about Jack. No wonder he thinks his deaths don't matter even though it kills me inside every time because I'm always scared this is the time it's for good" Ianto answered reaching the doorway.

With a frown he left and employed the time honoured habit of companions everywhere. He ran.

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