1 two finger emergency

Chapter 14 reaching

Ianto reached the console room and headed down the ramp for the doors. Bursting from the TARDIS Ianto found blue-sky, green grass and sighed as he recognised home.

With a silent thankyou to the TARDIS he fell to his knees and breathed the clean air. River followed and stood behind Ianto looking around at their surroundings.

"Earth. Hmmm, TARDIS does like you doesn't she" River rubbed Ianto's shoulder.

"Yes but when! Hmm, Yes. Interesting" the Doctor's voice alerted them to his arrival.

"What do you mean … when" Ianto turned to face him.

"River!" A voice interrupted them and Ianto turned in shock to stare at the woman who had walk around the side of the TARDIS.

"Hello Leara" River smiled reaching for her, "you look well."

Ianto rose and stared silently at his great grandmother as she regarded her visitors. John stepped fro the doorway ad whistled at the lovely lady, which caused a blush to transform her completion.

"Oooo, look. She blushes like you eye-c …" River's slap was like a gun shot and Ianto laughed nervously as Leara slowly advanced to look at him closer.

"Ma'am" Ianto said softly looking at his feet as he had done so often when addressing his Grandmother who had borne her mother's beauty in her youth.

"He's ours?" she looked at River in surprise, "a little changeling? Oh!"

She stepped back and brought her hand to her mouth as Ianto's eyes rose to meet her gaze.

"He's one of mine," she breathed as her lips curled and with a squeak of surprise she turned to look behind them.

Others materialised out of thin air and John exclaimed in shock. Not like him to be taken unawares like that.

They circled Ianto, touching and stoking his arms as they spoke to one another softly. Welsh. They spoke Welsh and he grinned then began to answer them. They all froze, laughed and then all started talking at once.

The Doctor frowned and turned to look at the TARDIS. She was clearly not translating for them and he had never been overshadowed like this. He cleared his throat and she realised he was not happy. Words began to filter.

"No ….. yes … a sword not daggers … only rode a horse a few times … meat but like fish …"

Just a short one to make up for that angst in the last one, eh?

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