1 two finger emergency

Chapter 15 Toto

"Toto! Fuck" John screamed grabbing at the falling man.

Ianto was still in shock. Having found his people he was now torn. Sitting by the fire with a full belly and soft music lulling him to sleep, he found his thoughts returning to Jack.

He woke to silence. The revellers had long since finished partying and the fire had dies leaving only a few coals in the evening light. Ianto sighed and reached for a stick to poke at the embers. Hearing footsteps he turned to face the Doctor who stood to one side with a nervous look on his face.

"Look, um, I don't normally stay long in any one place, ya know … um, we might be going soon" he rambled staring at the dying embers.

Ianto was stunned. Leaving?

"What about me?" he asked quietly.

"Hmm? What do you mean? You will either stay here or come with me" the Doctor laughed softy.

"Just like that?" Ianto felt his anger flare at the man's nonchalance.

"Huh? Well, yeah" the Doctor frowned, confused by the anger he felt from the young man.

Ianto rose to stand in front of the Doctor and stared down at him. This is what Jack meant by frivolous then. What did he say? Like a three year old in a sweet shop? No care, no thought, just blind excitement and forward momentum.

"I would like to have time to think. To learn from them before running away" Ianto said carefully.

The Doctor nodded as he pondered this request. Tilting his head he considered Ianto with growing concern. What if he decided to say? What if Jack was waiting? Or worse still, hunting them!

Ianto finally met his gaze with a soft smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"Yeah. Jack."

The Doctor closed his eyes as he berated himself for not seeing how strong this man's empathic abilities were.

"I'm ready." Ianto rubbed his face. "As much as I've enjoyed this, Jack is home."

The Doctor let out a breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding and straightened up.

"Well, Alonsy!" he shouted turning for his home, the TARDIS.

The noise of the TARDIS filled the hub and Jack looked up blearily from the chair he had collapsed in the night before.

"Two days. Two fucking days and now you decide …." Jack's rant began as he advanced on the Doctor who was still exiting the TARDIS.

John sprang from the doorway to separate the two men before Jack could fully swing the fist he was forming and Owen's shout of rage was joined by a shot from Gwen's raised gun that echoed through the base. The flash of blue that sped from the TARDIS to shield the time agent was a mere blink but the grunt of pain when the bullet found it's mark seemed to draw out the moment.

"Toto! Fuck" John screamed grabbing at the falling man.

The Doctor's yell formed a stereo of horror as it joined Jack's and they both moved to meet the two men as they fell backwards with the momentum of the hit.

John stroked the face of the still form and Jack froze as he looked at the man who lay in John's arms. John was making soft keening noises as he rocked the man in his arms and he glared up at Jack. His fingers threaded through the multi coloured locks as he soothed his friend.

"And you say thing have changed with Torchwood?" the Doctor spat angrily kneeling by the two men.

The Doctor reached for them and John pulled away with a growl, slowly rolling the injured man onto his back while supporting his head with his lap. With a quiet murmur he looked into the face of his friend.

Jack placed his hand on John's shoulder as he took a knee next to him and looked at the man in John's embrace. His dark brown/blue/silver hair was falling in his eyes and John's hand shook as he brushed it back.

The long lashed fluttered against his cheeks. Those gorgeous eyes opened and Jack fell into them. Ianto. This was Ianto.

Jack reached for the gorgeous man with renewed horror, noting the red bloom on the floor beneath him. As he helped Ianto sit forward he saw John's eyes widen and then meet Jack's a silent confusion.

Jack lent around and looked at the shoulder wound only to find smooth skin. He turned wordlessly to the Doctor who shrugged and gestured at the TARDIS.

"She likes him, thinks he's her little boy and well … you know how she is" the Doctor shrugged despairingly looking back at his wayward ship.

"What? He's … what, like me! You said I was impossible! Why condemn him to this as well!" Jack shrieked as he rose to meet the Doctor.

Tosh had quietly moved around to look at Ianto and her eyes widened as she took in his altered appearance.

"My God, you're gorgeous!" she gasped which brought a soft smile to Ianto's eyes.

Jack didn't wait for another comment, pulling Ianto up into his arms as he pressed his mouth to Ianto's in a bruising kiss.

"God I've missed you babe!" he finally broke away with a smile.

"I don't know what she's done, not like you, I mean with his alien DNA he might …" the Doctor stopped talking as he heard himself giving away Ianto's secret and smiled apologetically.

Ianto shrugged and grinned anew, his teeth now showing his feral side as the pain slowly subsided from the rapid healing. Jack felt him shudder in his arms and as Jack rubbed his arms Ianto turned to rub his face against him in excitement which told him it didn't really matter who saw what.

Jack looked closely at the exotic creature in his arms and then locked lips with a moan of delight. Ianto closed his eyes and sighed into his embrace with relief. God, Jack was OK. This was OK. We're OK.

Owen began to make retching noises with his fingers in his mouth and Tosh laughed at the medic's display of disgust. Gwen shook her head in confusion.

"Ianto? This is Ianto?" she asked the Doctor who seemed the only one not affected.

"Mmmm. Well, the real Ianto. No masks or physic armour in place. Looks like Jack … well, excites him on some basic level." He turned to Gwen with a feral grin of him own. "Now then young lady. I'm going to need a moment with you alone to discuss proper gun handling, hmm?"

"Hey! No threatening my staff" Jack laughed, pulling Gwen back.

"He wasn't threatening me: Gwen said with surprise.

"Ah, yes. I think you find the Destroyer of Worlds was about to meet you on his own basic level" Tosh giggled.

Gwen's eyes bugged as the Doctor stuck his tongue out at Tosh with a wink and Jack resumed greeting Ianto on ANY level he could reach.

"Fuck! Tea boy is an exotic blend then" Owen snarked.

Ianto didn't hesitate nor break his kiss with Jack as he reached back to display his favourite two fingers to Owen whose laughter broke any remaining tension.

OK. We're OK. All OK. Oh Jack, we're OK. Ianto smiled at his lover and purred softly in his chest. Jack's eyes widened as he recognised the sound.

"You're a … Bladesinger?" he whispered softly as his lips reached for an available earlobe.

Ianto hummed and purred with renewed vigour and Jack giggled like a girl at a slumber party.

"Um, right. Perhaps this is best not watched, um … yes … pheromones and such …" the Doctor felt the blush starting as he started to back toward the TARDIS.

"Yeah, come on Tosh, drink?" Owen pulled her toward the door and motioned Gwen to follow.

John settled onto the couch with a cheeky grin to watch the floor show.

He absently waved to the retreating humans with a shake of his head. 21st Century humans were so weird. He was not gonna miss this!

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