1 two finger emergency

Chapter 3 Don't drink the cool-ade

"Don't dwink the cool-ade"

After two hours of searching and muttering Ianto conceded defeat and sat in the chair watching Tosh reach into the cabinets that he couldn't reach himself even standing on the bottom drawer (that had made Tosh squeal in terror when she turned around and saw it teetering giving her the image of baby Ianto being eaten alive).

Ianto placed his hands on the desk and pushed, making the chair swing around and his gasp of glee stopped Tosh who turned to see the little terror swinging around like a helicopter, his feet tucked up and giggles transforming his face into a typical little boy.

Gwen chose that moment to enter the archives with a plate of sandwiches and two glasses of juice precariously perched on Ianto's silver tray. She saw Tosh and made straight for her and into the spinning chair. With a shriek from her and a scream from Ianto the food and drink went flying. The sandwiches splattered on the floor and the juice drenched Ianto who slapped his hands on the desk to halt his spin.

"Perfect timing" Ianto sighed. "I weely needed an orange juice shower."

"Oh God" Gwen breathed, rushing to grab Ianto out of the chair before he dripped onto the files which she knew he would blame her for as well. She wrapped her arms around him and tried to rush from the room and Ianto's shock turned to horror.

His scream could be heard from the main hub as he struggled to free himself from her grasp and she dropped him in surprise.

With sobs bursting from his tiny frame he ran from the room deeper into the archives. Jack burst into the room with his Webley drawn looking for the danger to find two shocked women staring into the dark recesses of the archives.

"What the fuck was that?" Owen followed Jack into the room.

"Ianto, he … he …. I … I was only trying to get him out of the chair before he dripped" Gwen stammered.

Tosh just shook her head in confusion. As Gwen replayed the chaos to Jack Owen began to slowly back away with one eye on Jack and the other on the archives where Ianto had retreated. Jack was asking for clarification and noticed the growing distance stopping mid sentence to stare at Owen.

"What?" Owen folded his arms and tried to look disinterested but it only heightened Jack's radar.

"Tell me what you know!" Jack growled advancing on the hapless doctor who realised too late that he was trapped.

"It's just a note on his files…" Owen shrank as Jack glowered over him, "may be nothing."

"Owen, I'm not playing here" Jack said quietly.

"His psych evaluation has a note that suggested Ianto had issues with his parents with 'undefined' signs of abuse" Owen whispered looking behind Jack at Tosh, hoping the women couldn't hear.

"Huh?" Jack straightened up and stared at Owen like he had just grown an extra head.

"His Mother suffered from mental illness and his father was an alcoholic" Owen threw his hands up "You do the math!"

Jack stepped back and continued to stare at Owen.

"Look, fifteen A&E incidents for breaks, contusions and scolds within a one year period, you know tea-boy has issues with personal space. Did you ever try to hold his wrist? I can't even take his bloody pulse in an exam" Owen pressed. "Gwen might have surprised him and his toddler response would be different from his adult ability to hide his fear."

What? Abuse? But …. Shit. How often and they played rough? Things got out of hand? When he had held Ianto's wrists during sex and he had made those little soft spoken pleas. Was it for release not relief?

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