1 two finger emergency

Chapter 4 signs of life

Jack sighed and entered the darkened rooms listening intently for signs of life. After a good ten minutes of stealthy creeping he heard a snuffle. He froze and held his breath. Another sniffle.

"Yan?" Jack said softly "Are you there Yum-Yan?"

"Jack Flash? Dat You?" Ianto was to the left, behind a shipping crate.

Jack sat in front of the crate and tried to breathe slowly. Their naked hide and seek signals were still working. He began talking softly, telling Ianto that he had spoken with Martha and was waiting for some files to be sent through. He knew he was rambling but talked about getting pizza, Tosh's shoes and even Myfanwy's nest needing cleaning

To Jack's relief Ianto slowly crawled out and climbed into Jack's lap. He quietly wrapped himself into Jack's coat with his face buried in Jack's chest and his little hands sliding up under Jack's armpits.

Jack ran out of steam and held Ianto tightly breathing in his hair.

"Someone's sticky" he murmured into the lump.

"Don't dwink the cool-ade" Ianto whispered and Jack laughed.

"Come on you're cold, wet and sticky." Jack lifted his load and walked back into the light.

Ianto sat stoically as Gwen and Tosh took turns styling his hair. The warm track suit was the same blue as his eyes and the white "I heart Cardiff" T-shirt was visible through the un-zipped sweat jacket.

"I still don't get how you found this cute little suit so fast" Tosh said to Gwen over Ianto's head.

"Rhys has a friend who has kids and I look for bargains when I can to help with their chrissy pressies" Gwen shrugged.

"And you know their sizes?" Tosh asked.

"Well … maybe I get some stuff for my hope chest." Gwen whispered.

"Point taken. I buy booties and tablecloths" Tosh giggled. "Does Rhys know about this?"

"God. We've not even discussed kids. With this job …." Gwen sighed.

"You wud be a good Mummy Gwen" a little voice said between them as the forgotten Ianto joined the conversation.

Both women froze and looked down at the earnest face looking up.

"You don't mind Rhys being silly. You make yummy chocwit dwink and you laugh at stuff and you don't growl much and you're cudwy too" Ianto said in a rush before blushing furiously and pushing down from the seat.

"oh!" Gwen exclaimed in delight.

"Wuv you girls. You're my fwends and you wuv me too" Ianto whispered looking at his bare feet.

"Yes Ianto, we love you very much" Gwen crooned bending down to cuddle Ianto with a kiss to his forehead.

Tosh crouched behind him and they gently squeezed him between them.

"Oh boy, a Ianto Sandwich" Jack said as he approached. "Yum Yan in girly bread"

Ianto gave Jack the death stare for daring to use his bedroom name in public but quickly melted as Jack bent between them to kiss Ianto softly on his lips.

"Oi that's child abuse" Owen roared.

"Nah, this is!" Jack cried, grabbing Ianto and tickling him with glee.

Ianto screamed and shrieked as they rolled on the floor until jack stopped. Ianto slapped Jack's hands half heartedly still giggling as he rolled to his feet. He placed his hands on jack's face and kissed him again.

"Wuv You Jack Flash" he said softly as Jack looked into very adult Ianto eyes.

"We'll fix this hon. I swear somehow I'll fix you" Jack felt a sob clawing it's way up his throat and swallowed.

Jack gathered Ianto into his arms again and sat on the floor as he gave in to his grief. Ianto sat in his arms rubbing circles with his little hands murmuring words of comfort to Jack.

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